Safety Signs

Health and safety is an issue that’s impossible to ignore and while it seems you can hardly go anywhere without seeing a sign of some sort, they do have a vital role to play in communicating workplace information. They can minimise the risk of an accident occurring in your workplace and are an easy and universally understood way to get your message across.

With over 15,000 signs available, we know that it might be daunting to find a sign that’ll convey the information you want in a size and material that’s appropriate for where you plan to place it. At Seton, we’re keen to make sure it’s easy for you to browse our extensive selection and purchase the sign that’ll do the best job.

All of our signs come in a vast range of sizes and materials and cover a huge range of intentions. Our fire exit signs make it easy to show people where to go in the case of an emergency, while our fire safety signs can help make it easier to handle a fire, from illustrating assembly points to highlighting the location of a fire extinguisher.

Signs can also be helpful to warn people away. Our access signs clearly spell out messages such as ‘Keep Out’, ‘Authorised Persons Only’ or ‘Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted’. Similarly, this section deals with areas with access for limited groups of people, such as pedestrians or the disabled. If you want to keep people aware from unsafe materials, such as electrical, gas or radioactive threats, our hazard signs section will prove helpful. This area of the site also covers more everyday potentials for injury such as trips, falls or overhead objects.

To make your office, school, warehouse or other place of work safer, we offer many site safety signs. Some relate to specific machinery, such as forklifts, while others offer general security advice. Of related interest are our PPE/Safety Clothing signs. These can help ensure employees wear the proper ear, eye, hand or head protection, or are dressed in the appropriate uniform.

We also have a range of information signs covering areas of more general interest, from cleaning instructions, to dog walking, to smoking signs. And if you’re looking for a personalized sign, our custom sign generator allows you to create your own sign, from thousands of possibilities. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find a sign that matches what you’re after.

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