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PPE Accessories

Health and safety are factors you do need to be aware of, and this is regardless of the type of working environment. A health and safety assessment is the way to find out exactly what PPE and other equipment you need to keep your staff safe. The provisions can range from breathing apparatus to signage, and there is a whole range of accessories that you can add in for a little extra peace of mind. Proper storage for PPE is essential, and this could mean proper tool belts or bags to safely transport items.

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PPE Accessories Buying Guide

The grabber with belt clip is a great accessory for busy workers. Gloves can simply be clipped to it, so you do not have to carry them around manually. This can be used with many different items of clothing – you simply clip it to a belt loop. This grabber is easy to use and is useful for keeping gloves together and off the floor, plus you have easy access when you need to use them. Created from a strong polymer, the unit also has a breakaway feature, so it can be removed easily if it should become caught or snagged.

The electrician’s tool pouch is a must for keeping tools together and out of harm’s way. This is made from synthetic fabric and has two large and five smaller pockets. An additional six compartments for screwdrivers complete the bag. The fabric is the same ballistic polymer that is used to make bulletproof vests, and there are also external clips from which to hang items. The design is patented and helps to keep tools dry in wet conditions. Electricians are not the only profession that will find this bag useful though – carpenters and other trades will also find this very handy.

Some workers might like the safety features of the padded tool belt suspenders. These are designed to be both comfortable and practical. Even when wearing them for long periods of time, they remain comfortable thanks to the thick padding. They can be adjusted for an even more comfortable fit. A tool belt can be heavy around the waist, putting pressure on the back and other parts of the body. With the padded suspenders, the weight of the belt is far more evenly distributed, so the worker can more comfortably wear the belt, and this might even help with productivity. Mobile phones can be stored in a side pocket.

Keeping hands and feet warm is an essential part of health and safety. With so many people working outdoors in winter, warming packs are a great way to stave off the cold. They heat up when they are exposed to air, and they are reusable. To use them, open the pack and take off the protective film. When you are finished with it, put it into the Ziploc bag that is included, and then you can use it again the next day. Hands can be warmed for up to eight hours and feet for around five hours.

PPE accessories are an essential part of life at work, and with so many options, there is no reason why any member of staff should be put at risk. Small items can and do save lives, protecting not only the user but also other workers and even members of the public.