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Work Jackets & Coats

Working outdoors means being prepared for all weather conditions, and providing appropriate work jackets and coats is a comfortable and practical way to keep your employees warm in the colder weather.

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to protect against hazards, and spending long periods of time in the cold is one of those, due to the adverse effects it can have on the health and concentration of your staff. See our guide for advise on how our range can help you fulfil your safety obligations to your workforce and enable you to comply with the necessary health and safety laws.

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Becoming too cold can in extreme circumstances cause hypothermia and frostbite, and even in less extreme circumstances, the discomfort of being too cold can result in a loss of focus, which means accidents are more likely to happen. Providing work jackets and coats is a simple but effective measure you can take to help your employees remain at a comfortable temperature.

Our Range of Jackets and Coats For Work

The coats and jackets in the range at Seton include options suitable for all weathers. Fleece protects the wearer from the cold, while others are made from water resistant materials to protect from rain, sleet and snow. Pockets in the coats and jackets provide useful receptacles for mobile phones and other equipment.

Many people working outside may be dealing with hazards beyond the wind and the rain. If your employees are working in an area of high traffic volume, a high visibility jacket from the work jackets and coats range will make them easy to see, while still protecting them from the cold. Reflective bands allow staff to be seen even in poor light conditions. Also in the range are jackets that will protect the wearer from chemicals, electricity, flames and heat.

Understanding the different health and safety laws required at your workplace to keep everyone on the premises safe can seem confusing. At Seton, we aim to make the process of creating an effective safety strategy easier. We stock a large range of products to improve safety in all kinds of workplaces, whatever the hazards that need to be dealt with. As a leading retailer of health and safety products, we make sure everything we sell complies with the necessary EU and UK health and safety requirements, so you can have complete peace of mind when you shop with us.

Providing work jackets and coats can go a considerable way to protecting your workers against the weather, but you can increase that protection with other PPE items from our range. In our selection of trousers, coveralls and underwear are thermal long johns and tops, and protection for the head with hats and balaclavas from our range of liners, heating and cooling, including those that can be safely worn under a hard hat. Don’t forget to keep hands and fingers warm by using thermal gloves. We also provide a full range of safety clothing for you to choose from.

By providing work jackets and coats, you can protect against a number of hazards, including the cold, which can impair an employee’s ability to carry out their work safely and efficiently and could increase the risk of accidents. By providing personal protective equipment, you clearly demonstrate you care for your worker’s wellbeing and safety, which will improve workplace morale. Fulfilling your health and safety obligations is not always easy, but providing work jackets and coats is a straightforward measure you can take to keep your employees safe and comfortable.