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Starter Lockout Kits

Need help? Need help? How will starter lockout kits benefit you? Ideal for new companies or for those starting a new lockout-tagout system, these starter lockout kits have everything that you need to get started with this effective safety policy. The hazards of faulty electrical equipment are a common cause of workplace accidents, but with these starter lockout kits, the equipment can be kept restricted until the necessary maintenance has been carried out.

Failure to prevent accidents can leave you in breach of the health and safety laws, but by using these starter lockout kits, you can act swiftly to restrict access to hazardous equipment, reducing the risk of accidental injuries.

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Get A Head Start For Your Lockout Procedure

Over time, even the best-quality equipment is subject to wear and tear and can develop faults that render it dangerous. While you are waiting for the necessary maintenance, make use of these starter lockout kits. Containing all the equipment that you need to signal that it is unsafe, these starter lockout kits will provide tamper-proof protection for your workforce.

The range of starter lockout kits we supply can be used for a variety of scenarios. They are all intended to give you a comprehensive range of equipment in a convenient package. They are specialised into different types with some designed to be used on electrical equipment while others have the equipment necessary to lockout valves.

Also in the range is an industrial lockout kit, which can allow you to seal off an area, and a personal padlock kit, which can allow a member of staff to carry the equipment needed to swiftly perform a lockout if necessary. The range includes a mini lockout starter kit, which is economical for smaller companies and also provides a good way for larger companies to enlarge other kits and keep fully stocked at all times.

A Wide Variety of Specialised Lockout Kits

These will be great for small businesses but if you wish to provide equipment for a larger site you may want to consider some of our other specialised kits. There are hasp lockout kits, which help to add extra security to your lockout processes. Circuit breaker kits provide everything necessary to lockout and isolate the power on electrical machinery. Valve kits some in a variety of sizes, as some valve lockout devices are quite large they tend to come in a more universal style kit that gives you a wide range of lockout equipment. The kits will contain a variety of equipment, including circuit breakers, padlocks with unique keys and safety tags.

All of the starter lockout kits are of a high standard and designed to provide long-lasting usage. There are various options to contain your kits and devices, including lockout storage bags or lockout stations which are designed to withstand demanding environments.

It is best not to wait for electrical equipment to cause an injury before isolating it. Our Scafftag kits create an effective system for inspecting equipment and recording the checks. Take a look at our range of Scafftag products to implement this system for yourself. If a problem is identified, you will want to act quickly.

As well as keeping yourself on the right side of the law, good health and safety standards will provide many benefits to your workplace. Accidents will result in staff absence and the anxiety that they cause might decrease staff morale. A well-managed workplace is likely to be more efficient and productive, impressing both visitors and prospective employees alike. Using these starter lockout kits is a good way to boost your safety procedures and protect your staff from the potentially serious effects of electrical injuries.