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Paper Towels Dispensers

Washroom consumables are needed in every workplace. From paper towels to large rolls of wipes, it is important to make sure that staff can wash and dry their hands, clean up spills and maintain high standards of cleanliness in the area. There are lots of different washroom consumable options that are available to you, so consider the needs of the workplace and the workforce when deciding which dispensers, towels and other essential products to order. It is not just workplace restrooms that you can order these consumables for; also consider the cleaning needs of areas such as laboratories and kitchens.

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Buying Paper Hand Towels And Paper Towel Holders

When choosing paper towels for your restrooms consider using recycled towels. There are many benefits to recycled products, particularly if your company is forming a strong sustainability policy. Hand towels in restrooms are used once and then placed in a bin so it will not make a great deal of difference to staff if you choose to have recycled towels, and there are other options that you can choose.

Blue roll has become a must-have product in any laboratory or warehouse. It can be used for a variety of purposes including wiping up spills and thanks to the mobile dispenser unit it can be wheeled to wherever it is needed. The Mobi Roll Dispenser is an easy to load unit constructed with a steel frame and it has a serrated cutting edge so that you can dispense exactly the amount that is needed. The blue roll itself is absorbent and can handle most liquids when spilled. The roll is 2-ply and one roll can last for some time.

Centrefeed rolls are another option for the workplace and are ideally placed in kitchens. These are fastened to the walls and rolls of wipes are placed inside. The feed comes from the centre of the roll and the user simply pulls the amount through that they need and tears it off. The rolls and the dispensers are available separately.

When a health and safety audit is carried out in your workplace, one of the factors they consider is whether staff have access to adequate hygiene facilities. Bathrooms that have no means of drying hands are a black mark on a H&S report, so you would need to have either an automatic hand dryer or a paper towel dispenser. Workplaces that have many staff in place might choose to have both, so that staff can take whichever option they prefer.

While there has been some debate on the hygiene merits of paper towels, many people prefer them because they find them quicker than hand dryers and they like the speed and the ease of use. H&S audits might also find companies in breach if they do not have similar arrangements in kitchens. Dispensers help to keep everything neat and tidy and once they are filled they can easily hold several hundred hand towels. While it is a good idea to check them every day to see if they need to be refilled, in most workplaces it is unlikely they will run out that quickly. The same applies to the centrefeed dispensers. The rolls have several hundred wipes and can last for days.