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Cleaning & Washroom Signs

Need help? Need help? How "polite reminders" can increase productivity Wide Range of High Quality Washroom Signs with Fast Delivery

Our Cleaning & Washroom Signs are multipurpose, durable and affordable, complying with all modern legislation and industry guidelines. Clearly displaying them in bathrooms and cleaning areas helps as part of a wider health and safety policy to safeguard public safety and improve levels of hygiene on site.

Information signs can prove useful in all kinds of places, from schools and offices to warehouses. Each of the signs we stock clearly advise staff and visitors of the need to maintain clean hands, washrooms and work areas at all times. This constant reinforcement helps to reduce contamination risks and ensure that hygiene standards (both personal and in the premises) are adhered to.

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Polite Reminders

Hygiene in the workplace is an important factor to be considered – in terms of both maintaining your employees’ health and ensuring that they are able to continue to perform their role without being exposed to risk.

Our Cleaning & Washroom Signs act as polite reminders to ensure employees and visitors maintain their own levels of personal hygiene, as well as cleanliness in communal areas of your premises. This may seem like a small part of day-to-day life, but has proved to be invaluable to businesses in terms of efficiency and expenditure.

Do Cleaning Washroom Signs Work?

Having clean toilets makes a working day more pleasant for staff, but it can also have a major impact on how your business is perceived by visitors. A messy washroom with unclean sinks and strong odours is likely to dissuade people from coming back in future.

This is relevant for all types of business, but for any company in the service industry, such as hotels, resorts and restaurants, it is especially important. Whether you have one staff member or 20, a clean bathroom gives your building an air of professionalism. On a more practical level, high standards of cleanliness prevent many of the bacteria spread by cross-contamination. The number of toilets you need to provide will depend on the size of your workforce.

Which Cleaning Washroom Signs to Use

Installing cleaning signs or washroom signs is one way of keeping your business compliant with the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, Regulation 20, reminding people to use the facilities sensibly and to keep them hygienic.

Our inexpensive cleaning signs ensure that each washroom is clearly labelled and let people know when the toilets are closed because cleaning is in progress. We can also provide you with signs to reinforce hygienic practices and remind users of what they can flush.

  • Baby changing. Our Baby Care Facilities sign is designed for placement in a corridor where it is visible from all angles. It quickly shows parents the way to a washroom that is baby and child friendly to save them time when searching for an appropriate toilet.

  • Turn off the taps. Leaving the water running is costly for your business and the environment. You can reduce the chance of this happening by displaying a Turn Off The Taps Save Water/Environment Sign.

  • Staff toilets. If you have regular visitors to your building and you keep the public facilities separate, we have toilet door signs to let people know which are the Staff Toilets.

  • Showers. When staff work in dirty conditions, the HSE says that adequate washing facilities are required. If you provide showers for your team, you can make sure people know where they are with our Showers sign.

Hygiene as part of Health and Safety

Although signage alone cannot completely eliminate problems with poor staff cleanliness, it certainly acts as a good reminder. Combining Cleaning & Washroom Signs with other products can help you to ensure that facilities are clean and health and safety standards are being met consistently.

By taking action to ensure you have well stocked hand soaps and paper towels throughout the day you can create an effective washroom cleaning/inspection routine. Waste Bins should also be emptied regularly and signs, such as our 'Leave this washroom as you'd wish to find it' Signs, 'Use hand sanitiser' Signs and 'Wash your hands please' Signs can all be displayed nearby to enforce clean behaviour and best practices.

Sometimes enforcing cleanliness rules is even more important for general safety reasons. For example, communal areas may benefit from notices such as our 'Keep this area tidy at all times' Signs. Keeping these areas clean is important to avoid other risks, such as trip hazards or in the event of a fire. Consider affixing Fire Safety Signs in such areas.

The Right Sign in the Right Location

Our Cleaning & Washroom Signs are easy to apply and mount to whichever surface you see fit. Check out our range of Sign Fixings for the perfect solution for your needs, be it permanent or temporary, heat or chemical resistant or for use both indoors and out.

Being able to apply our signs anywhere means that there are no excuses to be lax on cleanliness – which in turn will reduce the business’ risks of injury, illness, contamination, fire risks and outgoing cleaning costs. These areas are especially important for those who work in restaurants or in food preparation areas.

Having the option to place our signs on all kinds of surfaces, including walls, doors and tiles, makes it so much easier for you to affix specific signage, such as male, female, disabled or unisex plaques for washrooms. Temperature Warning Signs may also be useful if there is any form of risk of an employee or visitor scalding themselves on hot tap water.

How Cleaning Washroom Signs Help Your Business

As an employer, you can lower the chance of spills, trips and falls by using washroom door signs to let people know about potential hazards and also to lower the cost of maintenance.
  • Cleaning signs. These keep people away from toxic chemicals and wet floors that could present a slipping hazard. You can use one of our Custom Safety Signs to deliver your message.

  • Toilet rules. Whether you need to remind visitors to keep the area clean or to correctly dispose of their sanitary products, you can place these reminders in all washrooms or just those that are prone to misuse.

  • Cleaning update signs. We have toilet signs to make it easier to maintain clean facilities.

  • Choose from a customisable Cleaning Log Update Holder Sign or a ready-made Toilet Inspection Update Sign Holder that allow cleaners to record the exact time of their last visit.

Materials and Fixings

Our friendly team of expert advisors can help you find or customise the perfect Cleaning & Washroom Signs for your needs. All of our signage complies with current health and safety guidelines and is highly durable yet affordable.

Our signs are available in a wide range of different sizes and orientations and are made of long-lasting, durable materials, making them extremely good value. Not only this, but should you not find a sign that perfectly suits your needs you can utilise our custom safety sign service to ensure you get exactly what you require.


What are the Health and Safety regulations regarding clean washrooms?

The HSE states: “Suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences shall be provided at readily accessible places…”. Therefore, employers are obliged to maintain clean, safe and well-ventilated facilities.

Do I have to provide washrooms for men and women?

To comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, businesses should have separate toilets for men and women or have a unisex toilet with a lockable door.

Do I need a drinking water sign?

If a water supply is not safe for consumption, our Hand Wash Only Sign will remind staff to drink from the correct source.