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Security is important for all businesses, especially if stock or equipment has to be stored outside. For example, construction sites often have expensive machinery and tools required for the job on site.

Within the workplace there is always a need for security. Workers’ personal possessions, valuable equipment and sensitive information can all be a target for thieves. One solution is to keep such items in locked rooms if they are regularly needed; a cupboard with a padlock keeps them secure but accessible.

We offer a wide range of padlocks, suitable for a variety of environments. See below for our buying guide.

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Security Padlocks: Buying Guide

We have a range of padlocks that will keep premises and valuable items secured. Our fantastic range covers all manner of applications to provide superior security and peace of mind. From general high quality locks to more specialised models designed for increased weather resistance or multiple functionality, we also offer home and office safes and fire resistant lockable cabinets for further security solutions.

Keeping business premises safe from intruders is paramount, so a wide selection of padlocks to choose from will ensure that you are able to tailor security equipment to your specific needs. We offer high security padlocks for everyday concerns such as keeping hazardous materials safe or valuable assets from public, we also supply cabinets to store keys and padlocks themselves.

Our all terrain padlocks provide a perfect solution for those wishing to add a layer of increased durability or are looking to secure areas that are open to the elements. To secure these areas even further these locks are ideal to be used in conjunction with long link steel chains.

Varied padlock materials give you a wealth of security choices

We have a highly versatile range of padlocks on offer, some are more specialised like our Heavy duty padlocks such as a stronghold container lock. These are made of hardened alloys and are ideal to keep places secure on industrial sites; they are best used for steel shutters and warehouses.

For more general use security locks, consider combination padlocks which are useful in a wide range of environments. Use them to secure gates, sheds, lockers and garages.

For a padlock with an all around general application that also has an extra layer of security added, see our recodeable combination padlocks, these may be recoded as often as required. Several locks can be set with the same code so only one is needed to release all the locks, they also have a robust zinc-plated lock body, a protective coating which makes them resistant to corrosion.

Our Squire keyed alike/differently padlocks are strong and robust security padlocks made from high-quality steel. Keys may be assigned to different teams, individuals or departments responsible for security. These padlocks come with different keys or the same key, depending on your requirements.

For increased value we offer multipacks for some of our more popular padlocks, these come in packs of six and cover a range of different price points and outer casing options.