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Maintenance Tags

Need help? Need help? How will lockout tags improve your safety procedures? Including maintenance tags in your lockout system will enable those responsible for your lockout process to clearly label the items that they have inspected, and give a clear sign as to the current status of the equipment even before any lockdown measures have been implemented. Among the vast range of safety products we stock, you will find a comprehensive selection of maintenance tags.

Inspections are a vital part of your accident prevention strategy and can help reduce the risk of accidental injuries. Maintenance tags will help demonstrate that these checks have been carried out and show whether the equipment can be safely used.

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Lockout Maintenance Tags: Buying Guide

Lockout tags are a useful item that your maintenance team can easily keep on their person while carrying out inspections of equipment. This will allow them to immediately indicate the current status of the equipment, meaning that the rest of your employees know that they can use the equipment or understand that it would be dangerous to do so. Made from robust yet light materials, it is easy to attach these maintenance tags on the equipment with cable ties, and they are easily visible.

The maintenance tags in our range are made from a variety of materials, including plastic and polyester, which are able to withstand moisture and spills. All have a bold, eye-catching design that can be clearly seen from a distance. The relevant wording is easy to read, and there is also ample space for the maintenance team to write additional information. In our range of stationery, you will find suitable pens that can be used to write on the maintenance tags.

There are maintenance tags for specific items such as valve or ladder inspections, as well as tags that specifically say if the item has passed the inspection or has been locked down. There are also generic options that can be used in a wide variety of circumstances. Further to these we offer a complete range of Scafftag kits for use as part of a lockout procedure to record and maintain the process while it is ongoing.

We also stock wire meter seals and a safety management starter kit that includes holders, pens and seals, this when used in conjunction with one of our other lockout starter kits will give you everything you need to create an effective lockout program and is ideal for those who are new to the lockout-tagout procedure as well as those who find it useful to have everything in one kit.

Building Your Lockout Tagout System

Used correctly, lockout-tagout is a highly effective procedure for preventing accidents, we stock a large range of products to help you build your system. Take a look at our lockout devices which are suitable for a variety of equipment and situations. Valve lockout devices comprise our range of innovative equipment designed to cover large valve wheels, securing them completely from tampering or accidental activation. Circuit breaker lockout devices are ideal for isolating the electrical power to machinery by disabling the switches that provide current with only a few simple steps. We also have a wide range of hasps to use in conjunction with the lockout devices, which cannot be removed until all necessary personnel have completed their checks.

Creating workplace safety strategies can often seem like a daunting task, but when you have a range of good-quality products, including maintenance tags, the process becomes much more straightforward. Having an effective safety strategy in place can give both you and your employees the peace of mind that the risk of accidents has been kept to a minimum.