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Filter Respirators

Need help? Need help? How to get the right size for all-day comfort Get UK-Rated Filter Respirators with Zero Fuss Refills

The use of respirators in the workplace is important if you believe that staff or visitors are going to be exposed to dangerous substances. There are varying levels of protection from different filters and masks, so you need to make sure you have the right range available for your needs. Health and safety legislation is evolving on this issue all the time, and a quick assessment will figure out which masks and filters you need.

Air purifying respirators come in the form of a face mask containing filters to trap and purify the air that a worker is breathing. They can block infectious or toxic aerosols or gases, or solid materials such as dust and particulates. Our range includes half- or full-face masks, for single or multiple use. The correct filter respirators will help to prevent any long-term damage to the lungs and respiratory passages, which is a possibility with long-term exposure.

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What are Filter Respirators?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines respirators as devices that remove vapours, gases, aerosols and other contaminants from the air. This can be done in multiple different ways, from using an electrical air purifying respirator to the use of a high-grade medical respirator to protect workers from harmful particulates, or aerosols containing bacteria or viruses. Although the design and form of these devices can be markedly different from brand to brand, they all serve the same basic purpose to purify air before it is inhaled.

Why not consider using a respiratory protection system such as the Honeywell Panoramasque Full Face Respirator? This system is ideal when the user has to employ separate air hoses to bring air to the respirator, giving a consistent airflow. There are three different kits with this respirator, and it meets all the latest European legislation. The unit will provide the user with a minimum of 260l of air per minute, and there is an alarm that will indicate if there is a low air flow. Some users of apparatus like this may be concerned about visibility, but the design of this unit gives quite a wide field of view.

The Honeywell brand has some different options for protecting respiratory health. The Optifit Full-Face Respirator Mask is a comfortable mask that is designed to be used for long periods of time. The user is able to wear this mask and still communicate easily with others. The panoramic lens is made from polycarbonate, so vision is not distorted. Some units make it difficult to see surroundings while they are being used. This particular model features an internal adaptor that allows for corrective lenses to be worn without getting in the way of the filtration function. The suspension harness and the comfortable neck strap ensure that the fitting is both secure and comfortable. The mask is easy to put together and easy to clean. Keeping the mask clean will help to prolong its working lifespan. The standard respirator filters are designed to fit this mask.

The Classic Monofilter Half Mask Respirator is a thinner respirator mask than other models but features a larger internal seal that gives improved protection from respiratory risks. The unit is designed to be worn for long periods of time without leading to fatigue. The unit can be used with safety glasses if needed.

There is a large internal seal that features on the half mask respirator, so there is the greatest protection as well as maximum comfort. The filters for this are purchased separately, and the units are available as single items, so you can purchase as many or as few as you wish.
There are many respiratory conditions that can be aggravated by working in a polluted environment. Those who suffer from asthma, for example, can find that their symptoms get worse when they are working in a dusty environment or one where there are chemicals used. Others who have worked with substances such as asbestos have been exposed to a very dangerous chemical and have developed serious respiratory problems over time, which have proved to be fatal. With this in mind, it is vital to protect workers and provide them with the right respiratory protection.

How Do Respirators Work?

Respirators work by creating a layer of protection between oxygen outside the body and oxygen that enters the body. An oxygen respirator draws air into a filter, where it is purified before it is inhaled. Particulate respirators are the simplest and least expensive form of respirators. However, more effective options are available. Sophisticated air purifying solutions such as our best powered air purifying respirator, for example, are powered by fully rechargeable batteries to pull air through the filter and ensure optimal filtering capability.

A range of replacement filters and cartridges is available for multiple-use respirators. An assessment of the respiratory risks in your workplace will determine which filters and masks are most suitable for your specific environment. We also supply disposable respirators.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Oxygen Respirator?

A 2015 report found that air respirators effectively reduce the number of contaminants in the air significantly enough to recommend their use. Not only do they purify the air you are breathing, but they also keep the air around you cleaner. Individuals who unknowingly harbour airborne illnesses, such as the coronavirus, can contaminate the air around them and increase the chance that other people are exposed. Medical-grade silicone may be used to ensure a close fit to seal the wearer against infection.

A controlled air purifying respirator creates a tight seal between the mask and your face, forcing the air that you exhale to move through the filter before being released to the rest of the room.

In addition to protecting people, an oxygen respirator is better for the environment than disposable masks. They require less material to be effective, needing only a replaceable filter, and can be used for longer before they must be replaced. This reduces waste and ensures that the respirators are as sustainable as possible.