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Safety Shoes

Finding footwear suitable for the challenging environments can be tricky, but with our comprehensive range, we are sure to have safety shoes to meet your needs. Good safety shoes are necessary when working in demanding environments to protect the feet from the hazards involved.

It is of great importance to fully comply with health and safety laws in the workplace to prevent and minimize the chance of injuries, and to avoid the risk of prosecution. Please take a look at this information which highlights the importance of safety shoes and outlines the features which can make a difference.

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Importance Of Safety Shoes

Industrial and chemical companies can be hazardous places in which to work. Chemical spills, the wet, the cold, and heavy objects are just some of the hazards involved. High-quality footwear, such as safety shoes, will do a great deal to protect the feet from injury and discomfort, and in doing so will provide protection for the entire body.

As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect your employees. Providing protective gear, including safety shoes, is one way of fulfilling your obligations. Understanding the different UK and EU laws can be complicated, but at Seton, our aim is make the process easier. As a leading retailer of workplace safety equipment and clothing, we make sure our safety shoes comply with the relevant laws, giving you peace of mind when you shop. Our legislation watch section contains a wealth of information regarding safety legislation in the workplace.

Safety Shoes Features And Benefits

In physically demanding jobs, workers may need to spend a lot of time on their feet, so a well-designed safety shoe is necessary to provide a comfortable fit and good support for the foot. The safety shoes in the range at Seton are available in a variety of materials and features, so you can choose the shoes best suited for your premises. We also offer a whole range of ladies safety shoes.

Many of our safety shoes have a particularly good grip and are shock absorbent to prevent slips and falls in hazardous environments. Many also have reinforced toecaps to protect the toes from falling objects or rough terrain.

At Seton, we know that when you invest in safety shoes you will want them to last a long time, despite the wear and tear such demanding environments put them through. All of our safety shoes are designed to last and some are made from puncture resistant materials to provide extra durability. Environments such as kitchens are hotspots for spillages that can easily damage and deface shoes, but the range of safety shoes at Seton include hygiene shoes that can be easily cleaned.

For damp conditions or if working outdoors, our range includes water resistant safety shoes and padded shoes for increased warmth. We also have shoes resistant to substances such as solvents, petrol and oil. To provide added protection in hazardous environments, take a look at the overshoes and boot covers included in our range of footwear accessories.

Safety shoes are designed for protection, but this does not mean they cannot be smart. There are a number of leather shoes in the range of safety shoes that would not look out of place when worn with a suit, thus effortlessly combining safety with style.

Safety shoes tend not to be the piece of protective gear that is first noticed, but the role they play in the employee’s well-being is essential. Keeping the feet both safe and comfortable is key to creating a comfortable and efficient working environment.