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Pedal Bins

Need help? Need help? What are the advantages of Pedal Bins? Pedal-operated bins are an ideal choice for all kinds of workplace locations. These bins feature a hygienic, no-hands operation, and because of this, they are well suited to places where cross-contamination must be avoided, such as hospitals, wash rooms, kitchens, classrooms and canteens. Available in various differing materials, from economical plastic options to heavy-duty specialised bin types, our pedal bins come in a wide range of options. Apart from the appearance and size that you require, the available features to look out for are the ease of emptying, an inner bag tightener, slow-closing or distinctly coloured lids and flame-retardant properties.

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Push Pedal Waste Containers: Buying Guide

Needing to use your hands to lift and close a bin lid can be inconvenient and unpleasant. Pedal bins eliminate this, and are optimal in areas that require hands-free operation for hygiene reasons. By using such a bin, you can ensure the disposal of waste without cross-contamination, and avoid the constant washing of dirty hands after touching the bin lid.

In locations such as hospitals, the flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant body of a hands free clinical waste bin or standard bin will serve very well. Because of the type of waste collected, this type of bin is carefully sealed to prevent leakage. It may also be conveniently wall mounted. This bin has a silent closing lid feature, as do some other bin styles.

For other hard-wearing bins with a sleeker look, a stainless steel or powder-coated alternative such as the push-pedal or step-on container would be the dustbin of choice.

A simple-to-use, inexpensive bin, the plastic pedal bin features a removable inner bucket, which makes emptying and cleaning easy. Other bins available in small sizes include the metal and heavy duty metal waste bins. These would work well in an office or a modest-sized kitchen.

Pedal bins that are best suited for recycling or refuse separation should have a choice of lid colours. Simply arrange a row of bins side by side and select the colours that you require, coded according to common use. If you add recycling labels for clarity of purpose, this will mean that the lid does not have to be exactly the correct shade, but something compatible. Bins that you could use include the economy step, derby and open-up selections.

In an industrial setting, you will need a sizeable, more robust bin. Ideally, larger bins should have back wheels so that they are easy to move. Use heavy or lighter-gauge bin liners in keeping with what the contents will be. Emptying heavy bins at waist height may cause back strain. This is obviated by an open-up container. These have a front door to allow the easy removal of heavy bags. They also have a box to store deodorising tablets that prevent unpleasant odours, and can be selected with a waste separation feature and lids in different colours.

In areas where staff members are required to wear safety shoes, use a bin with a large pedal to optimise usage, such as a steel step-on container. In quiet zones, your staff will thank you for providing a slow-close lid that does not intrude every time it is used. If it is a pedal that you require, remember that there is a range of sackholders that are also pedal-operated, some of which have handy wheels.

Apart from a front-opening bin, emptying your bin will also be made easier by the use of a removable inner – a feature found in the plastic pedal bins, the small metal pedal bins and the stylish push pedal bins.