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Textile Recycling Signs

Need help? Need help? Learn more about the importance of recycling textiles Quality Textiles Recycling Signs - UK’s Widest Selection

Many businesses agree that recycling should be a top priority, even when it comes to mixed textiles, which can be harder to dispose of. Mixed textiles may include clothes, shoes, furniture and general household textiles but also applies to anything made of a mix of materials, such as cartons, cassette tapes, discs and even spectacles.

To ensure that mixed textile products are recycled in your workplace, it is vital that staff, contractors and visitors know that mixed textile recycling is available, what qualifies as a mixed textile and where to leave mixed textiles for recycling. Your organisation can make this easier by designating areas and receptacles where textiles can be deposited and using specific signs to draw attention to them.

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Why Should I Recycle Mixed Textiles?

Recycling is always a responsible option when it comes to disposing of waste products, and textiles are, surprisingly, a major culprit when it comes to environmental damage. It has been estimated that the fashion industry is the world’s second largest industrial polluter after the oil industry.

In addition, it can make sound economic sense to recycle items such as used clothing. Let’s Recycle claims that up to a third of all clothing bought in the UK ends up in landfills, and the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has suggested that this material, if reused or recycled, could generate up to £140m in revenue.

Recycling textiles not only helps reduce the pollution caused by manufacturing new textiles but also keeps old textiles out of landfills, where they are likely to sit for many years while causing further environmental damage. Most mixed textiles are not biodegradable. Natural fibres can take hundreds of years to decompose and may release greenhouse gases as they do. Synthetic textiles are specifically designed not to decompose and may even release toxic substances into soil and groundwater as they sit in landfills.

How Do You Recycle Mixed Textiles?

Most mixed textiles can now be recycled in various ways. Many clothes, furniture items and other mixed textiles are resold or reused through charity shops or as donations to overseas charities. However, it is also possible to recycle mixed textiles into new materials. In the UK, used clothing, shoes and other mixed textiles can be taken to textile banks, charities and various textile recycling companies. Local authorities may collect mixed textiles door-to-door in some areas or provide drop-off points for textiles within the community.

You can find out where your closest recycling centre is and whether it accepts mixed textiles on the Recycle Now website, which is also a good resource to find out exactly how to dispose of a specific item, such as a large item of furniture or something that you are unsure about recycling due to the mix of materials involved.

Which Mixed Textiles Can be Recycled?

Most mixed textiles can potentially be recycled, although there may or may not be an appropriate facility that can handle the recycling in your area. Here are a few of the textile products you may be able to send to recycling facilities:

  • Cotton, wool and other natural fibres

  • Nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials

  • Bags

  • Shoes

  • Leather and PVC

  • Carpets and rugs

  • Sheets, blankets and other bedding

  • Towels

  • Mixed textile clothing and other items

  • Mixed textile furniture items

  • Cassette tapes and discs

  • Spectacles

Some mixed textiles are easier to recycle than others. PVC, for example, can be recycled up to eight times, as the recycling process does not measurably decrease the chain length of PVC molecules.

What Textile Recycling Signs Do I Need?

Placing clear and relevant recycling signage around your workplace is vital. It can be a significant help to your company in implementing a recycling policy that everyone is aware of. Informing your employees of your company policy on recycling mixed textiles is an important step, but ensuring the policy is implemented on a daily basis can be as simple as strategically placed recycling signage to remind everyone on how to properly dispose of this material.

Depending on the type of work carried out in your company, you may need a range of signs, including signs reminding employees to recycle clothes, mixed material cartons or old computer discs. You may also need to draw the attention of staff and contractors to where to leave large pieces of furniture for transport to recycling centres.
Our recommendation and the most effective recycling signs are all that follow the recycling sign logos from the Government's ‘Recycle Now’ campaign. Choosing these will make it even easier for everyone to not only remember to recycle but to do it with confidence.

Where Should Textile Recycling Signs be Placed?

Recycling signs should be placed in prominent places around all workspaces and communal areas to inform and remind your staff and visitors of the company policy on mixed textile recycling. Recycling labels for bins are very useful, as they allow you to place material-specific signs on each receptacle to help sort materials before they are transported to a recycling centre.

Recycling signage can also indicate areas where larger items such as furniture or rolls of old carpeting can be left for future recycling. There are some signs that will mainly be needed in specific areas. Recycling signs for mixed materials cartons, for example, will mainly be needed in kitchens, food outlets and other places where such cartons are used.

There are convenient ways to secure your recycling signs in appropriate and eye-catching locations around your premises. Our range of sign fixings allows you to choose the best solutions for your various workspaces. Our mixed textile recycling signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials, with many featuring easily recognisable recycling symbols.

Best Mixed Textiles Recycling Signs

The products you need will depend on your organisation and which kinds of mixed textiles you need to recycle, but here are some of our top products in this category. At Seton, all of our recycling signs support the Government-led Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Cartons – WRAP Photographic Recycling Signs – Made from durable rigid plastic or vinyl, these signs are suitable for use both indoors and outside and are available in a choice of sizes.

Mixed Textiles & Clothes WRAP Textile Recycling Pictorial Signs – With a striking image to draw attention, this sign comes in a range of sizes and materials with a choice of permanent or removable self-adhesive fixings to draw attention to stations for recycling clothes and other mixed textiles.

Furniture – WRAP Waste Recycling Pictorial Signs – These signs feature an attractive and striking design and also come with a choice of fixings, sizes and materials. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mixed Textiles and Clothes – WRAP Cut-Out Recycling Signs – These pictorial recycling signs clearly indicate which items can be recycled. Signs are available in rigid plastic, vinyl or removeable, repositionable vinyl for your convenience.

We can also provide custom-made recycling signs where you provide the text, choose the details and even add your company logo if desired. This allows you to customise our signs for your workplace.

If you have any questions about the type of mixed material recycling signage you need in your workplace, please feel free to get in touch with our team of friendly experts. They are always happy to chat with you about your individual needs and requirements.