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Ladies Safety Shoes

Finding footwear suitable for challenging environments can be tricky and can be even more difficult when needing safety shoes in a size suitable for ladies. The wide range of ladies safety shoes at Seton has a number of options, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Good ladies safety shoes will protect feet against the risks found in hazardous workplaces.
It is a legal obligation for employers to take reasonable steps to protect their employees from the hazards involved in their work. See our guide for considerations when buying a new shoe.

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The hazardous environments common in industrial and chemical industries require the provision of protective clothing. Whether conditions are merely wet and cold or involve uneven terrain or the risk of chemical spills, high-quality footwear, such as ladies safety shoes, will do a great deal to protect the feet and thereby increase safety for the entire body.

Guide to Buying Ladies Safety Footwear

A well-designed safety shoe will provide a comfortable fit and good support for the foot, making all the difference to those employees in demanding physical roles who spend a large amount of time on their feet. The ladies safety shoes at Seton can be purchased in a variety of materials and with features to suit many different kinds of workplaces.
For rough terrain or slippery environments, look for safety shoes that have a particularly good grip to prevent slips and falls. Good shock absorbency will reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a stumble. Many of the ladies safety shoes in the range at Seton have reinforced toecaps to protect the toes from falling objects.

When you purchase ladies safety shoes, durability is likely to be one of the most important features, so they can withstand the wear and tear that demanding environments put them through. Our ladies safety shoes are designed to give long-lasting protection to the feet, and the range includes shoes made from puncture resistant materials. Many of our ladies safety shoes include padding to increase comfort and warmth for the wearer.

For working outdoors in all weather conditions, our range includes water resistant ladies safety shoes. To provide added protection in hazardous environments, use the ladies safety shoes in conjunction with the overshoes and boot covers included in our range of footwear accessories.

The legal responsibility of employers to take the necessary steps to protect their employees can seem hard to understand. Providing protective gear, including ladies safety shoes, is a straightforward measure you can take to increase the safety of all on your premises. At Seton, our aim is to make it easy to find suitable safety equipment. As a leading supplier of personal protective equipment, you can shop with us in complete confidence, knowing our ladies safety shoes and everything else in our range complies with the relevant UK and EU safety laws.

There is often an assumption that ladies safety shoes cannot look stylish, but with the range of ladies safety shoes at Seton, there are options that look smart while still providing the protection required. We offer ballerina style shoes along with open backed ones, and trainers.

Keeping the feet both safe and comfortable is what good ladies safety shoes are designed to do. Good footwear will provide not only good support for the feet, but also the legs, and improve the wellbeing and safety of the entire body. Finding such good ladies safety shoes has never been easier than when you shop at Seton.