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If you want to improve your workplace safety and worker experience from the ground up, then our plastic safety matting products are a great place to start. Plastic safety matting serves a number of purposes in the workplace, from increasing traction and reducing the risk of slips and falls, to improving the levels of fatigue in standing workers and reducing the build-up of static electricity at workstations in particular areas. Our plastic safety matting range is a simple way to improve health and safety standards within the workplace at the same time as making workstations more efficient and user-friendly.

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Safety Plastic Mats: Buying Guide

Choosing to add plastic safety matting to certain areas of your working environment can be a really simple way to improve the worker experience, bolster productivity and improve health and safety provision within the workplace.

Our range of plastic safety matting products is designed to meet a number of workplace needs, from improving grip on otherwise slippery floors to reducing fatigue in workers who have to stand during their working hours, and minimising the risk of static electricity build-up in workplaces.

Our standard workstation matting products are all easily installed in the workplace and are designed to provide a comfortable standing surface for upright workers during their shift hours. The clever cross-rib design of this plastic safety matting product helps to improve floor traction in potentially slippery floor areas, thus helping to reduce the risk of dangerous slips and falls within the workplace, while the open weave allows liquid and debris to fall through the surface, providing a stable, non-slip standing surface for staff and visitors. These types of plastic safety mats also incorporate highly visible bevelled edges, which can help to prevent the matting itself from becoming a trip hazard to workers and visitors after installation. In addition to this, the hard wearing vinyl construction offers easy cleaning and for simple day-to-day maintenance once installed within the workplace. Also, take a look at our Non Slip Matting range for further options.

For work areas that are identified as having a potentially explosive atmosphere, our static dissipative matting solutions are a very useful addition – helping to absorb and then dissipate any build-up of static electricity that might otherwise result in a potentially hazardous electrostatic discharge, which could cause ignition and explosion. These static dissipating mat products can also be useful in manufacturing environments where some of the components used may be static sensitive.

Made from innovative closed-cell vinyl, our anti-static matting works to gather charge which can then be removed via a grounding stud and our static dissipative grounding wire, helping to prevent any accidental ignition in danger areas, as well as protecting sensitive components from static damage.

In addition to their static removing qualities, our static dissipating matting products are also carefully designed to help reduce the strain on standing workers and lessen the effects of fatigue from upright working practices.

We also offer a range of anti-slip plastic safety matting for both interior and exterior use, including non-slip mats for kitchen use, leisure matting for use in swimming pools, showers and changing rooms, and hard-wearing, non-slip matting for use in high traffic areas. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for one of our rubber safety matting options; a large selection is available.