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Fire Exit Down Signs

Need help? Need help? What fire escape signs are available for stairwells? Extensive Range of ISO Compliant Fire Exit Down Signs

Knowledge of emergency exit routes is necessary to be aware of the correct path to take during the outbreak of fire or other emergency evacuation situation. We stock a range of fire exit signs, including fire exit down signs, that can assist staff and visitors in the event of a fire and ensure your company complies with health and safety regulations. These signs, which are available in a range of sizes and materials, ensure emergency exit routes are clearly seen.

Adequate signage is crucial in ensuring staff and visitors can evacuate calmly and efficiently.

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Fire Exit Down Signs: Buying Guide

Fire exit down signs inform people of the nearest exit route in the event of fire, and are ideally placed above doorways or stairs to ensure everyone is mindful of the procedural requirements during an emergency. Our wide array of fire exit down signs offers something for every type of fire exit.

Directional arrows have been standardised to ensure their message is universal and clear so that everyone can find the correct route to take during emergency procedures. Fire exit down signs should be used to indicate to everyone on your premises that they need to go downwards or straight on to find the nearest fire exit.

For dimly-lit areas, we supply photoluminescent fire exit down signs. These signs clearly define the route to take and are particularly useful in the event of a power cut or when full visibility is obscured by smoke. The Nite-Glo fire exit running man and arrow down signs we stock meet the standards required by British Standards and Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA) Class B.

These signs will stay lit for six hours once they are triggered by a sudden lack of lighting. They feature an environmentally-friendly polyester film that means they appear white in daylight and emit a bright glow in areas that are suddenly become dimmer or darker. Photoluminescent exit down signs are also non-reflective, meaning their message cannot be obscured by the likes of torchlight.

Fire exit running man with down arrow multi-language signs can be understood by those on your site whose first language isn’t English easily understands how to evacuate the workplace in an emergency. For example for a Polish speaking workforce you should look to install our Polish/English fire exit sign.

Where the language predominantly spoken on site is Welsh, then we have available an English/Welsh language fire exit sign.

Whatever language is spoken on site, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure any staff member whose first language isn’t English understands how to evacuate in an emergency. If you have people on your premises who speak a language other than English, Polish or Welsh, then you should consider creating your own unique fire exit sign. Simply choose your material, size and symbol; then add your text. It couldn’t be simpler.

All symbols are fully ISO compliant, so can rest assured that whilst getting a safety sign that is unique to your business, you will also be getting a fire exit sign that meets all regulations, including the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.

For all other fire exit signs check out our full range.

How To Affix Your Sign

See our range of fixings for solutions to mounting your fire exit signs. We offer a range of products that cater for a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. For example, our permanent adhesive is UV and weather resistant, meaning it can be used both indoors and out. What’s more, it has high adhesion properties meaning that it will adhere to damp and uneven surfaces.

For areas prone to vandalism then we have available fire exit arrow down signs in vandal-resistant aluminium. These signs are resistant to attacks from naked flames, graffiti, sharp objects and even weathering. Use a security fixing kit with these signs to ensure that they stay put.