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For blocking off restricted areas to vehicles, bollards are well established in traffic management and with good reason. Simple, but effective, they can be very useful in preventing accidents that result in both serious injuries and considerable damage to vehicles and assets. Taking measures such as installing heavy duty bollards that reduce the likelihood of accidents in a workplace, is something companies must do to comply with safety regulations. With the range of industry-leading products available at Seton, achieving this is a straightforward task.

To find out more about how bollards can keep people and premises safe, as well as restrict access, check out our guide to flexible car park bollards.

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Restricting Access with Road Bollards

Vehicles are one of the greatest hazards in and around a workplace, with high potential for causing serious and fatal accidents, as well as costly damage to other vehicles and assets. However, the risk can be greatly reduced with a good traffic management strategy. The use of bollards is a valuable part of such a strategy and will help improve both the safety and efficiency of your work premises.

Restricting vehicle access to areas in an effort to avoid hazards and prevent accidents is essential. Plastic or metal bollards are an effective way to do this, clearly demonstrating to all drivers any areas that are prohibited. They are a simple solution, but remain one of the best measures you can take.

At Seton, we understand that when you invest in safety products you want them to provide long lasting protection. As bollards are primarily used outdoors, strong materials are even more important. The selection of bollards available are constructed from a variety of materials, but all are durable and will not rot, rust, or corrode, even in challenging conditions.

Flexible Car Park Bollards

Bollards may be needed in many different circumstances. When planning an effective traffic management strategy, you are likely to find the need to be flexible. For example, you may want to prevent access for all vehicles, but there may be places where you need to temporarily allow access for a short time for safety reasons, such as letting emergency services get close to your building. The range at Seton includes bollards that suit all circumstances with fixed, drop down, and portable options all being available.

Using Security Bollards to Keep People Safe

Safety is of vital importance when buying workplace products. Our bollards have several features that maintain high safety standards, such as eye-catching designs or reflective materials to allow for maximum visibility. Many are swing bollards that will yield if hit, reducing the damage done to both bollards and vehicles, while still serving as a clear warning not to proceed further.

To make sure you are in control of who goes where and when whilst on your premises, bollards can be used in conjunction with other traffic and car park solutions such as posts, cones and restriction signs.

Understanding health and safety rules often causes confusion within companies, and you should feel free to contact Seton if you have any questions about which products you should purchase. As one of the UK’s leading retailers of health and safety products, we make sure our products comply with all relevant UK and EU legislation, giving you peace of mind when you shop.