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Construction Site First Aid Signs

Need help? Need help? Your legal obligations for first aid signs explained Prepare for the worst - We all hope that an accident never happens while working at a construction site. However, should an unfortunate accident occur, how quickly medical help is administered can be a crucial factor in helping to prevent long term injury or even death.

Construction Site First Aid Signs can help you to not only provide a simple and clear instructions to those seeking emergency medical supplies but also to make your team feel safer and to comply with safety legislation. Our wide range includes the most commonly required First Aid Signs for areas where construction is occurring and help you to keep your workplace safe for employees, visitors and members of the public.

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Clear Messages

Construction sites can often be dangerous places. Depending on the stage of development there could be anything from heavy machinery, discarded tools, hazardous rubble or even broken glass. Even when workers are careful and have the correct Personal Protective Equipment, it only takes a moment to sustain an injury.

Furthermore, certain areas may not be very well lit, which could cause serious problems should need for a first aid kit arise. All of our signs feature a highly visible contrast between the background and foreground colours. Signs such as the ‘Emergency Eye Wash’ Construction Sign feature the widely-recognised green and white colour scheme, the standard colours for medical and emergency safety signs.

Seasoned workers may know the location of first aid kits, but newer employees and visitors will not so it's very important that ensure that in an emergency situation there is no confusion. Construction Site First Aid Signs should be posted where they can be easily seen and not in danger of being obscured by moving equipment or materials - they need to remain visible enough to be read. Displaying your signs in the most suitable locations you can help to make sure that they remain visible at all times.

Consult our range of Sign Fixings to see what options are available to make sure your signs will stay in place, no matter where you to choose to put them or what surface you choose to fix them to.

Legal Obligation

First Aid Signs can be a legal obligation depending on local laws and regulations. That's why it's important to perform due diligence to see whether you’re required to have one or more installed. Even if it that's not the case, such signs are a minor investment that contribute towards a safer, more secure workplace for workers and visitors.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 Act requires that every employer must determine appropriate arrangements for first aid at work by assessing the required level of personnel and facilities. On a construction site this could require the provision of First Aid Supplies such as First Aid Kits, Eye Wash & Emergency Showers and Burns Treatment. When such equipment is required it makes sense to be able to point your workforce to it with simple and effective signage.

Not only does this make your site safer, but these signs can directly influence how workers and prospective employees feel about working for you and their confidence in the working environment. A happy worker that feels their employer cares about them is a productive worker, and that’s a mentality that responsible, progressive business owners should look to foster to keep employees as satisfied and fulfilling their potential.

Huge Range of Safety Signs

Messages and symbols to suit your needs - Each workplace is different and may contain different hazards to the people on the site. Seton can provide more than just the standard First Aid Point Signs, though these are very effective, with our range of messages and symbols to help your team in any first aid emergency.

For example, our ‘Water Point’ Construction Signs help to indicate emergency sources of water, which can be used for washing away dangerous chemicals should someone accidentally come into contact with them. Another increasingly popular choice are the ‘AED Automated External Defibrillator’ Banner Signs which make it very clear where a defibrillator is located in the case of a heart attack - where every second can count in saving the person’s life.

We also have many more types of First Aid Signs that can also be posted in location other than construction sites. However, should you not find a sign to meet your specific requirements then our custom sign service can help you create a custom sign that includes any images, text or symbols you need.