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Inspection Tags

Need help? Need help? How can inspection tags enhance your lockout process? Regular inspection will ensure the safety of your equipment and allow faults to be discovered before they cause an injury. These inspection tags enable you to record the inspections of your equipment and explain the necessary action to take if faults are discovered.

Accident prevention is an important part of any safety strategy. Making a record of inspections can demonstrate your commitment to this and ensure that you comply with health and safety legislation. By recording valuable information on these inspection tags, you can keep your workers informed of the current status of equipment and whether or not it is safe for them to use.

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Lockout Inspection Tags: Buying Guide

Whether it is a regular, routine inspection or a check following a repair, the inspection tags in our range will provide a clear, visual sign of the status of the equipment, ensuring that your workers will always know whether they can use it or not. Without this information being prominently displayed, employees could face an accidental injury by attempting to use unsafe equipment or could waste time while they find out the status. By attaching the inspection tag to the machinery, the course of action is immediately obvious.

We are aware that every workplace is different, so our inspection tags can be ordered in a number of materials such as cardboard, polyester and vinyl, allowing you to choose a cheaper, less robust option for indoor use or an inspection tag that is capable of standing up to challenging outdoor conditions, it is best to select a tag that will suit your work environment.

All of the inspection tags in our range have a bold design that can be seen easily from a distance. There is an option that contains the prohibition sign, and all of the inspection tags have easy-to-read writing that demonstrates the purpose of the tag. They have space to record the inspections and other relevant information, and can also be wiped clean for further use. We also supply suitable pens for writing on these inspection tags in our stationery category.

Scaffold and Ladder Inspection Tags

If you have a specific purpose in mind for your inspection tags, such as for a forklift truck or scaffolding, you can purchase inspection tags for these. However, we also stock a range of Scafftags, this internationally recognised tagging system has been designed specifically for use on scaffolds and has branched out to also include tags for power tools and machinery, our full range of Scafftag kits will make creating an effective tagging system easy. We also have a range of generic inspection tags that can be used for a wide variety of equipment and machinery. Some of the inspection tags are supplied with ties but you can also purchase these separately, industrial cable ties provide extra strength and security. In the range of inspection tags, you will also find nylon security ties that will provide a secure attachment for whichever product you choose.

Inspection tags are used as an effective part of a lockout-tagout safety system. In order to create an effective lockout program we supply a wide variety of lockout devices which come in a number of helpful kits such as valve lockout kits and electrical lockout kits designed to give you a comprehensive range of equipment with which to carry out your lockout procedure.

Securing these devices is of paramount importance, and an excellent way to achieve this is by using our wide range of plastic safety padlocks and hasps that enable you to start using this simple but effective safety system. Adding a tag to padlock and hasp after isolating the energy of the machine to be locked out is an essential step in the process, making information as widely available as possible ensures that employees and those working on the machine can be confident that proper health and safety guidelines are being followed.

Inspections are the most effective way to discover problems before they cause harm or to make sure that a repair has been properly carried out. By using inspection tags, you can visibly demonstrate your commitment to this.