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Permit To Work Forms

Following health and safety guidelines is an increasingly important part of working practice, and for situations where work may occasionally be carried out in environments where there is a potential risk the permit to work procedure helps ensure the correct practices are followed. For construction and other workers who may need to follow a permit to work procedure, our permit to work forms are a useful tool to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements across the board, as well as being a written and retained record of risk assessment and health and safety practices.

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Work Permit Forms: Buying Guide

Permit to work forms are part of an overarching health and safety strategy that ensures compliance with health and safety regulation, and are often required in areas where high-risk activities may take place, for example, in areas where hazardous materials such as asbestos are present or on sites where electrical, excavation or crane-lifting work may need to take place.

Permit to work forms are usually completed in situations where there is a pre-perceived risk, and are a useful tool to help promote safe work systems.

We offer a wide selection of permit to work forms, ranging from single-use A4 forms to triple carbon copy permit to work form packs, which come complete with a cardboard permit to work sign as backing.

Our permit to work forms have all the necessary fields needed to be compliant with the relevant health and safety guidance, and are available in both paper and digital formats.

Site foremen and construction managers can use these forms to specify work to be done, detail the necessary precautions to be taken and ensure that all possible hazards are taken into account before a project is embarked upon.

Our permit to work forms help to promote risk assessment and record keeping of potential risks, as well as promoting the implementation of good working practice to ensure that identified risks are communicated to all workers and the potential for illness and injury minimised.

Workers can use our permit to work forms to document risk assessment and detail necessary precautions before work can begin in situations where normal safe systems have to be removed for maintenance or on jobs where there is a potential for new hazards to be created by the work carried out.
Choose from a range of printed permit to work forms, including: Asbestos (No Register Available), Asbestos Present, Breaking Lines, Confined Space, Electrical Work, Excavation Work, General Work, Hazardous Substances, Hot Work, Lifting Equipment Operations, Overhead Cranes, Pressure Testing, Window Cleaning and Working at Heights.

Alternatively, you may wish to opt for our digital permit to work programmes, which allow for the creation of custom permit to work forms for high-risk activities, in both printable and digital formats. These programmes are supplied in CD ROM format and purchasers can choose to rewrite within the programme or to print and fill according to their needs.

We also offer a selection of Contractor Authorisation to Work systems and refills, which can be used to generate visitor passes to risk areas, create fire registers and disseminate relevant health and safety policy to visitors to work sites.

Our permit to work form range has options to suit all styles of business and each form is easily incorporated into existing health and safety procedures.