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Construction Site Sign Starter Packs

Making sure you have every Safety Sign you require for your construction site from the beginning can be difficult. To address this problem, we have prepared a special collection of Construction Site Sign Starter Packs, which have been designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible without you having to do any excessive research.

By using these starter packs, the construction site you're aiming to protect will remain fully compliant with the local laws and regulations. Each of these starter kits has been designed in such a way that there is bound to be something suitable for every site, no matter what type of construction site you have in mind. Not only does this mean that they are practical, they are cost-effective as well.

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A Great Start

Most countries require you to put up Safety Signs to satisfy the both safety and security requirements. This is not only a legal directive, but also a moral obligation to everyone who's risking their safety by working on or visiting the site, and even just passers-by.

They should be notified of the dangers so they can always bear in mind what accidents can potentially happen while on or around the site. That alone should be enough to dramatically decrease the chances that someone sustains an injury.

Choose from our selection of small, medium and large starter kits. As a rule of thumb, the larger the construction site, the larger the bundle that you're going to need. Should you have specific dangers to warn against that are not included within our starter packs try browsing our full range of Construction Signs including Construction Site Hazard Warning Signs and Construction Site Prohibition Signs.

Cover All Requirements

These great quality start packs combine the most commonly required Safety Signs allowing you to provide clear and effective messages that help you to do the following:
  • Indicate what personal equipment must be worn. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can mean the difference between life and death should an accident occur. Ensure your workers use the right gear in each location to keep themselves safe.

  • Warn of traffic routes. Provide clear warning to both pedestrians and vehicles concerning traffic that not only enters and exits the site but any on-site traffic as well.

  • Identify all emergency routes. Ensure that employees, visitors and subcontractors are all aware of emergency routes and assembly points should an incident occur.

  • Provide directions to emergency equipment. Make it clear to everyone the location of safety equipment such as First Aid Kits and Fire Safety Equipment should the need arise.

  • Indicate where hazardous materials are stored. Don’t allow a nasty accident to occur. Make sure everyone know when they are entering an areas containing potentially harmful materials such as flammable chemicals or asbestos.

  • Display general tips. Inform of general health and safety procedures and advice for keeping everyone on your site safe.

Materials and Fixings

Because we understand that the very nature of construction sites can be harsh, unpredictable and rapidly changing, all our signs are made from the finest quality materials, quite capable of withstanding the most aggressive conditions.

Many of the signs in our Construction Site Sign Starter Packs are made from Correx fluted polypropylene, a very durable, lightweight material ideal for temporary signs. They are supplied in a variety of sizes and with or without accessories.

To complement your purchase, we also invite you to check out our wide array of Sign Fixings, which are an excellent solution to ensure your messages are seen regardless of if it’s a temporary notice or for something to be displayed permanently.