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Bike Racks

With the drive for healthy living, more businesses are encouraging their employees to cycle to work. As well as promoting a healthier lifestyle, this also reduces traffic around your site and helps with car park layout. The amount of people cycling to work and school is increasing, which means it is important to have a designated bike area. Cycle racks are an asset to your business as they allow you to store your bikes safely. They can also be used with our extensive range of bike shelters for extra protection.

For more information about our wide range of bike racks, check out our buying guide today.

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Outdoor Bike Storage: Buying Guide

Providing bike storage racks for your colleagues, students or the general public is important. As they will be reassured that their bike will be safe and secure on your premises. This will encourage them to cycle more regularly, not only benefiting your colleagues or students, but also your business as exercise improves work productivity overall.

Bike Storage Racks: Designs

All our cycle racks are aesthetically pleasing and there is an option to suit all locations. If you are looking for a cycle rack that is suitable for every location, our Traditional Bike Rack could be the right choice for you. This cycle rack has been designed to be used outdoors, it has also been powder coated to increase durability against the elements and prevent rust.

We have a range of cycle racks that can store different quantities of bikes. If space is an issue for your business, our Double Stack Cycle Rack could be the most suitable product for you. This bike storage rack has the capability to utilise available room. By offering multi-tiered storage, this rack effectively doubles your floor space. Units can be connected together to maximise capacity and provide a comprehensive solution for everyone on your site. It allows you to connect units to create a larger storage area, whilst saving space at the same time.

Our bike loop storage racks require minimal space and provide security in the workplace. If you are looking for a cycle rack that fits smaller bikes and saves storage room, the Sheffield Style Bicycle Rack could be the ideal solution for you. It accommodates up to two bikes and is made from galvanised steel which provides additional outdoor security and protection against adverse weather conditions.

Cycle Racks: Benefits

Bike racks allow for easier parking and removal of bikes. They also keep your bicycles safe as they are bolted to the ground for extra security. Our cycle racks are made from robust materials such as high quality steel to prevent rust and to extend durability. For extra protection our bike racks can be covered by a cycle shelter to prevent your bike from getting damaged due to the weather. Bike racks and cycle shelters are a good investment to any business as they promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage employees and students to cycle more regularly.

Investing in a cycle rack can help reduce air pollution, which will have a positive impact on your business, school or public surroundings. The amount of congestion would also be reduced which would have a beneficial effect on our environment. A bike rack and cycle shelter will encourage your employees to be more active and enjoy extra time outdoors, as they will know their bikes are stored in a designated, secure parking area during the day.

Take a look at our extensive range of bike racks and start promoting a healthier lifestyle today.