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No matter how high the quality of the harness kits and other fall protection equipment you use, ultimately your system will only be strong as its weakest link. When you have employees working at height, you need to know that they are as safe as possible, so it is vital that you choose those links carefully. So have a look at our product guide which should help you rig up a system that suits the requirements of each job you do without ever compromising the protection enjoyed by your workers.

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Buying Fall Protection Connectors

Our selection of hardware and connectors is the place to look when you need to find the gear that makes the rest of your fall protection or suspension rig fit together. It includes a range of temporary and permanent solutions for your connection and anchorage needs, so you will need to determine which is the best option for your business and the type of work it does.

Permanent anchor points are perhaps the simplest of these items to work with. Provided they are properly fitted on a suitable surface, they can be relied upon to take the strain. They are useful in situations where workers frequently need to work in a suspended position, and they are also useful in places where you need to haul goods or equipment up and down on a frequent basis, so they are frequently used in warehouses.

Despite the name, however, nothing that is regularly subject to that kind of strain can be said to be truly permanent, so although the ones we stock are of the very highest quality, you will need to check them for signs or strain and pay attention to any listed expiry dates.

Temporary connectors are designed for use in situations where you need a reliable anchor point but do not expect to be using the same set-up on multiple occasions - for instance, when you are working off site. These may be anchored to suitable surfaces in a way that makes them simple to tidy up when the job is done, returning the surface to its previous condition, or they are designed to connect to ropes. They can be very useful in situations where you need to get an employee into a position with no suitable surfaces for anchor points nearby, providing a lot of additional flexibility for off-site work.

All the connectors in our range are designed to be simple to use, so that you can set up safe rigs with no time wasted. The ease with which they can be fitted together means busy employees will not be tempted to cut corners and will also be able to make safety checks quickly but effectively before the rig is put into operation. Our safety signs can come in useful for reminding your employees what is required of them.

Purchasing a selection of different connectors and hardware of this type gives you the option of modifying rigs at short notice whenever you need to adapt to a new situation. As smaller items of this sort do go astray, it is always a good idea to have spares, and this approach will provide your business with maximum flexibility. With a properly-trained workforce and the gear you need, you will be good to go.