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Impact Protection & Safety Flooring

Top Quality Range - Impact Protection & Safety Flooring

Preventing the incidence and effects of workplace accident and injury is an important concern for employers, both to safeguard employee welfare and to ensure compliance with relevant health and safety laws and regulations.

Strategically placed and labelled impact protectors and guard rails can be a cost-effective way to minimise incidents, as well as the severity of injury or damage. These products become imperative when your workplace includes dangerous machinery or moving vehicles, chemicals, balconies, multiple levels and stairs.

Incorporating a guard rail in the workplace could be the defining factor that prevents your employees from potential injury or death.

To find out more, read our helpful buying guide and frequently asked questions.

Safety Railings Buying Guide:

From products as small and simple as a foam corner protector to a high-impact protection guard, we offer a wide variety of impact protectors and guard rails to suit all your health and safety requirements.

Many of our products are bright and visible or feature stripes to attract the attention of your employees and customers, and further alert to the area or hazard. Several are also easily customisable or come in multiple sizes or styles.

Impact Protection and Guard Rails for Your Business

Impact protectors and guard rails can be incorporated in several areas and sections of your business to prevent injury or accident. We stock a variety of guard rails and bars, perfect for use both outside and inside your organisation. Hard-wearing and brightly coloured rails can be an effective measure to prevent customers and staff from entering dangerous areas of the building or from touching certain machinery or equipment.

Depending on the requirements of your organisation, these protective products can be purchased in a variety of shapes, thickness of material, heights and lengths. All rails are durable and long-lasting, with most being made of heavy-duty steel. The products can be used permanently or temporarily in one position, with the rails either floor or wall mounted. The large choice on offer ensures you will find exactly what you need, with rails designed for everything from high-impact construction zones and height restriction bars for commercial car parks to pipe guards, pedestrian and traffic protection and temporary safety barriers.

Potentially dangerous sharp corners and edges can be easily resolved with impact protectors, improving your company’s health and safety compliance. Made with highly visible designs, the protectors ensure your staff, customers and visitors are always aware of the potential danger. The highly durable protectors easily absorb impact from people or vehicles. Created with either steel or polyurethane foam, or a combination of both, the impact protectors prevent injury as well as damage to your machinery or building structures. We stock a range of styles and sizes for all of your requirements. Also, many products can easily be cut or adjusted for specific corner lengths and angles.

Protect your employees and customers from the risk of door-jam injuries with the trap prevention products in our range of impact protectors. With products for both metal and wood doors, they are an easy and cost-effective measure to prevent fingers from becoming trapped in closing doors.

Preventing wear and tear in your business can be time-saving and reduce expensive replacement and repair costs. We offer a range of fenders, which can be used in countless areas of your organisation to minimise the damage caused during day-to-day operations. Made of rubber and polyurethane, these products are shock-resistant and highly durable. Perfect for use on corners and walls, they protect the area as well as preventing injury to staff, customers and visitors.

Safety Barriers FAQ:

I need new posts and bolts for my guard rail, do you supply them?

Yes, we sell impact protection barrier end posts, corner posts and centre posts, as well as mounting and fixing bolts for guard rails.

The walls in my business keep getting dented from moving equipment, what should I do?

A fender is the perfect way to prevent damage to walls in your business. Made from rubber, they are impact-resistant and hard-wearing.

How can I be sure my impact protectors & guard rails attract the attention of my staff and customers?

Most of our protectors and rails are supplied in different colours for high visibility. Several others have the option to add or change a colour, depending on your needs.

I need impact protectors for tables but don’t want them to take up too much room. Do you have thin versions?

Our impact protectors are available in a range of lengths and widths to suit all applications.