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Plastic Recycling Signs

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More and more businesses are making recycling a top priority. Depending on the type of business you run, you may need a variety of industry-specific recycling signage, from building site signs to recycling signs for electrical items. However, almost all businesses produce some kind of plastic waste that should be recycled.

To ensure that all plastic waste is recycled in your workplace, it is vital that employees, contractors, customers and other visitors to your premises know that your company is committed to recycling, and they should be informed exactly where to place any plastic waste. You can make this easier for everyone involved by simply using appropriate recycling signage throughout your business premises.

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Why Should I Recycle Plastic?

Recycling is now considered to be the best and most responsible choice when it comes to disposing of most plastic containers and other plastic waste. Plastic is manufactured from oil, so it uses an important natural resource when made from scratch. Recycling protects the environment, preserves natural resources and keeps plastic waste out of landfills.

As Recycle More points out, nearly 8 billion plastic bottles are thrown away in Britain each year, often ending up in landfills where they tend to take up a lot of space because they are light but bulky. Many companies are making the move to biodegradable plastics, especially for things like shopping bags, but most plastic is not biodegradable and takes a long time to break down.

The Government-led Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is working to accelerate the move to a more sustainable, resource-efficient economy in the UK by implementing change around how products are designed, produced, consumed, re-used and recycled. Here at Seton, all our recycling signs support WRAP, with many bearing the widely used and highly recognisable ‘Recycle Now’ logo.

How Do You Recycle Plastic Waste?

While there are some variations in exactly what can be accepted, most local councils in the UK can collect a variety of plastics for recycling. Around 99% of local authorities collect plastic bottles, and around 79% collect plastic pots, tubs and trays. The UK Government website makes it easy to find out what your council collects for recycling and how this should be collected and separated within your business. The site also has information on how to recycle specific items that may be made of mixed materials but include plastic parts or components.

If your local council doesn’t collect a certain type of plastic, this does not necessarily mean it cannot be recycled. Councils tend to base these decisions on convenience and costs (including the price they can sell plastics on to recycling companies for). You may be able to find a recycling centre that accepts certain types of plastics even if your local council does not collect it. You can find out where your closest recycling centres are and what their policies are on the Recycle Now website. This website also has a handy search function allowing you to find out exactly how to dispose of a specific plastic item, whether it is made entirely of plastic or simply contains some plastic.

Which Types of Plastic Waste can be Recycled?

Almost all types of plastic can be recycled. This includes:

  • Plastic bottles such as water bottles and milk bottles

  • Hard plastics used for items such as shampoo bottles

  • Plastic carrier bags

  • Many types of plastic packaging materials

  • Plastic food trays

  • Plastic tubs such as margarine tubs

  • Plastics found in mobile phones and other electronic gadgets

Some plastics and many mixed-material containers are not widely recycled. The decision is generally based on cost, difficulty, the amount of energy needed to recycle and how useful/valuable the recycled plastic will be.

What Plastic Recycling Signs do I Need?

The recycling signs you need for your business will depend on many different factors. You will, however, generally find that placing clear and relevant recycling signage around your workplace will support your recycling policy. The right signage helps inform and remind everyone of company policy, so you will want to place relevant signs around your various workspaces as well as in communal areas.

The signs you need will also depend on the nature of your business. Retail outlets and other businesses where the general public are regularly on the premises can generally benefit from clear recycling signage to inform customers where recycling bins and containers are located. Food outlets that use plastic cups, tubs and other packaging will need clear signs indicating where to recycle them. You will also need to think about whether signs are needed indoors or outdoors and pick signs appropriately, opting for durable, weather-proof signs if they need to be placed outside.

It is advisable to make staff aware of company recycling policies in their initial and ongoing training, but it is also easy to remind everyone of it on a daily basis by providing relevant recycling points and clearly marking them with appropriate recycling signage. Our recommendation and the most effective recycling signs are all that follow the recycling sign logos from the Government's ‘Recycle Now’ campaign. Choosing these will make it even easier for everyone to not only remember to recycle but to do it with confidence.

Where Should Plastic Recycling Signs be Placed?

When it comes to positioning your recycling signs, plastic usage and waste in each area should be considered. Signs should be placed around workspaces and communal areas as appropriate, with the aim of informing and reminding your staff and customers of the company policy on waste disposal. Recycling labels can be purchased for your plastic recycling bin or any other plastic recycling container to indicate where plastic bottles and other plastic waste can be placed.

You should also think about the waste likely to be generated in each area of your business. A staff kitchen, cafeteria or food outlet will require signs for recycling bottles, plastic food trays and other plastic food containers. In a store room or packing room, you may need signs showing where any plastic elements of your packaging materials should be left for recycling. Seton provides a choice of sign fixings to secure your recycling signage in relevant positions around your business premises.

Best Plastic Recycling Signs

The recycling signs you need will depend on the activities carried out in your business and the type of plastic waste you generate, but here are some of our popular plastic recycling signs. Our recycling signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials, with many suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Plastics – WRAP Plastic Waste Recycling Signs – These signs support the Government-led WRAP initiative and are available in either rigid plastic or vinyl and in a variety of sizes.

Plastics – WRAP Yes Please/No Thanks Recycling Signs – Featuring a clear visual and comprehensive lists of exactly what can and cannot be included in your plastic recycling, these signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Plastic Bags – WRAP Plastic Waste Recycling Signs – Bright, bold and bearing the highly recognisable ‘Recycle Now’ logo, these signs indicate where plastic bags can be placed for recycling and come in a variety of sizes and materials.

If you have any questions about the type of plastic recycling signage you need in your workplace, please feel free to get in touch. Our friendly experts are always happy to chat with you about your business' individual needs and requirements.