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Throwbags are a retrieval line that can be thrown out in an emergency situation to help another person to get to safety. These are very easy to use and in some workplaces are a required piece of health and safety equipment. If needed at your site, they should be in place at all times. If an emergency occurs without the throwbags being in place it could put lives at risk. The Rescue Line Throwbag will ensure you are meeting your responsibilities.

To find out more about throwbags and how to use them, check out our guide below.

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Throw Line Bags & Accessories - Buying Guide

Throwbags are useful in a variety of environments. However, they are commonly used in outdoor rescue situations; particularly those involving locations where water is present such as manufacturing and waste treatment or for sports and leisure pursuits.

The Rescue Throw Line Bag features a retrieval line that is 25 metres long. The line is neatly stowed away inside the bag and is very easy to use. There is a quick-release feature and for those who are not sure how to use it there are clear instructions on the bag including images designed to demonstrate how to use the equipment. The lines have been weighted so that you can throw them accurately to those in need of help, even if there is a strong wind or other extreme weather conditions. Both ends of the throw line bag features a loop. The rescuer and the person being rescued can then hold on to the line.

The Throw Line Bag Cabinets can be purchased separately from the bags and mounted on walls, posts or railings. The bright colour of the cabinets mean they will be easily seen in an emergency. Cabinets ensure throw lines are kept secure and prevent them from being damaged.

Throw Lines and Water Safety

When training staff to rescue people it is a good idea to help them find the best way to throw the rope themselves. Some people prefer to use an overarm throw while others will favour an underarm method. The main thing is that they can throw it accurately and quickly and reach those who need help. Remember that the person they are trying to help should also be aware that the rope is being thrown. In certain situations the rope may need to be deployed whilst the user is swimming so care should be taken to give instruction on this if deemed necessary for your application/workplace.

Throw lines are a small part of the provisions you will need to make for the safety of those in or around water. Life buoys and lifelines are also essential.