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Social Distancing Signage

Need help? Need help? Does your business have a Social Distancing Strategy? Clear, Polite Multi-Surface “Social Distancing Signage”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of keeping your workplace safe and healthy has increasingly become clear, now and into the future. As such, it is essential to enhance practicing good workplace hygiene as well as proper social distancing using our new line of social distancing signs and safeguard structures. Customisable to fit any business needs, these social distancing labels can help prevent the spread of disease for years to come.
With a vast range of social distancing signs available, you will be in a better position to practice social distancing measures. 'Keep your distance' signs and ‘keep 2m apart’ Posters including graphics can be custom-printed based on your requirements. Just provide your print-ready artwork to get your customised social distancing signage. You can also opt to purchase any of our pre-made designs.

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Social Distancing Sign UK

The term ‘Social distancing’ has always been in our language, however, since the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been highlighted as an important measure to be carried out by operating businesses and those to re-open business in the future.

Protecting customers and employees is vital. Using our range of high-quality social distancing signs and social distancing labels will help you achieve this through social distancing mobilisation. To effectively implement the safety precautions from the Health and Safety Executive, get your necessary social distancing signage and COVID-19 ‘keep 2 metres apart’ posters from us.

With the development of new social distancing labels and displays, we strive to ensure the government guidance of being at least two metres apart is achieved through keep 2m apart signage. The range of signs we provide includes social wear PPE signs and floor stickers among other social distancing signs. All 'keep your distance signs' are categorised to assist in the following key areas:

  • Physical separation

  • Hygiene control

  • Education about social distancing

Should 2 metre social distancing not be possible in your workplace, we have a selection of alternative distancing signs including 1 metre and 1.5 metre Covid posters.

While we can’t offer free ‘keep 2m apart’ signage, we are serious about sustainable solutions. That’s why we have an affordable range of Covid 2 metre signage, all printed to be highly visible on built to last materials for long-term use.

Physical Social Distancing Signs

To implement social distancing in public areas, the physical separation of workers, customers, and colleagues is essential. While we have a range of Covid 19 2m signage, for big retailers and organisations, maintaining social distancing may seem challenging. However, our range of physical-separation social distancing signs can make this task a lot easier.

As the name suggests, you can enhance social distancing by physically separating people. You can achieve this using several tools such as screens, barriers, protective displays, and partitions. Our physical social distancing sign displays are durable and rugged to last the length of time you need them to.

Most of these physical displays come along with printed graphics. The graphic space can be used to accompany your physical barrier display with useful social distancing information. The custom-printed graphics allow you to inform and educate without needing a one-to-one interaction.

Hygiene Social Distancing Signs

In addition to ensuring safe distances between each other with our 'Covid 2m' posters, it's also important for people to be educated and manage to access good levels of hygiene within public spaces and at workplaces. Our hygiene control signs help to facilitate this and are perfectly suited for receptions, retail shops, health sector, and educational buildings. They offer a point of easy access for workers or visitors to read information and safely clean their hands.

Social Distancing Labels for Management of COVID-19

We offer social distancing signs with semi-custom, stock, and custom-printed messages to assist commercial enterprises to operate safely during a difficult time. Floor decals, high visibility signs, and stanchion lines can assist customers to easily understand requirements for safe social distancing in public. They will also feel assured that all safety precautions have been followed. Combining outdoor and indoor message displays with stanchions for access control and queue management is a great way of maintaining safe business operations with minimal service interruption.

With social distancing becoming an important part of living, using high quality and durable social distancing signs will help in effectively implementing social distancing measures.

Looking for help in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in a commercial environment? Choose from our curated selection of social distancing signs and ‘Keep 2m Distance’ Covid posters to remain compliant with regulations and recommendations regarding public spaces.

For further information on how to protect everyone in your workplace, we have everything you need to know about Coronavirus Infection Control.

Social Distancing Signs for Schools

Social distancing in Schools may feel like an impossible task. Especially when there are large numbers of children per classroom. Plus, with winter not too far away, children will be staying inside more making social distancing even harder.

However, it is imperative that Schools follow the strict rules set out by the government. Otherwise, they risk serious legal implications.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to follow the rules and ensure that your staff and children are kept as safe as possible from coronavirus.

Our wide range of social distancing signs for Schools are designed especially for children so that they are fun and easy to read, whilst still encouraging the importance of social distancing.

However, we know that it’s not just inside Schools that children have to stick to the rules. Our social distancing signs are also suitable for use on public transport so that social distancing on School buses can still be adhered to.


Why is social distancing important in every workplace?

Social distancing prevents contagious illnesses such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from spreading. COVID-19 can spread through sneezing coughing or close contact. When you minimise proximity with others, you are significantly reducing the chances of catching the virus and spreading it, even if you do not know you are sick.

What strategies should I employ at my business to encourage social distancing?

Post 'Covid 19 2m social distancing' signage displays to encourage customers and staff to maintain a safe distance apart to minimise potential contamination. Use outdoor or indoor pavement floor decals to mark social distance spacing. You can also purchase social distancing signage from us to enhance a safe environment to work in.

Can I get 3m Covid Signage?

We currently offer social distancing signage that suggests a minimum distance of 1m – 2m, in line with UK government guidance. As such, we don’t currently provide any 3m social distancing signage.

How long will my social distancing signage last?

We offer materials that can withstand the elements of an outdoor setting and sign materials for short-term applications. Whatever social distancing sign you need, just get in touch with our consultants or quote your enquiry for the best solution.