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Need help? Need help? See our guide on choosing the correct bandage A well-stocked first aid kit is the first step in ensuring the health and safety of a workplace, and it should include a supply of bandages. We have a wide range of first aid supplies available that includes a choice of bandage types. Whatever type of bandages you need we’re sure to have the right kind for your first aid kit, or to help keep your first aid room fully stocked. As you no doubt know, after undergoing a health and safety assessment, obtaining a first aid kit is required to ensure you are adhering to the Health and Safety Executive requirements.

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Choosing Bandages

If you are stocking up on bandages for either a first aid kit or first aid room, a good place to start would be the Assorted Bandages Value Pack. This value pack is an economically attractive option when you’re first kitting out a first aid room because it includes a wide range of bandages to ensure you have the right kind on hand to be used in any situation. The value pack comes with a pack of safety pins for securing the bandages. Also included are crepe bandages, conforming bandages, tubular gauze and a tubular bandages for use on strained or sprained limbs.

Another item that should be included in a first aid kit, especially in certain injury prone environments such as kitchens, factories or workshops, are fingerstalls. We have a few fingerstall options, including blue fingerstalls, which are required for use in food preparation environments. The stalls are used in situations where the dressings or plasters on the finger need to be kept dry and clean, so they are especially useful for anyone who needs to wash their hands regularly, such as someone working in a medical environment or that is involved in food preparation.

Larger offices or workplaces also benefit from including conforming bandages in the first aid kit or in the first aid room. These bandages are particularly useful in the case of injuries or wounds that occur to hard to reach areas of the body. They are very stretchy and this stretch allows them to fit to angled regions of the body, such as the elbow or knee, easily and comfortably. Each bandage comes individually wrapped so they are very hygienic but they should only be used once. They also need to be affixed to the body with safety pins in order to ensure they stay in place.

We also supply tubular bandages that can be used when workers have stress, strain or sprain injuries to the ankle or wrist, as well as triangular bandages, which are a great, versatile addition to any first aid kit or room because they can be useful in almost any injury situation. Similarly, crepe bandages can be used when light support or absorption is needed and are a good addition to a simple first aid kit. Made with a strong weave of BP grade cotton, crepe bandages are strong and versatile, and can be used to hold dressings in place or alternatively to provide support in the event of a strain or sprain injury. Unlike a tubular bandage, however, they need to be fixed to the body, usually with a safety pin or tape.