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PPE Stations

PPE stations are an ideal way to get the attention of your workforce. They can be placed in a prominent area so that everyone who needs to be wearing personal protective equipment is reminded to in all high-risk areas. The stations also provide a place to store the PPE, making the health and safety equipment easily accessible for everyone. PPE stations can be fixed to the walls of a locker room, placed on top of work units or free-standing either inside or outside of the building. Have look at our PPE station buying advice.

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Buying PPE Stations

It is possible to put several PPE stations next to each other. The sound awareness stations, which include storage for ear plugs, can be situated side by side with the ear plug fitting guide – this will reinforce the right way to fit the ear plugs to reduce the risk of injury. If your workplace is a noisy environment, protective ear wear is important, as it has been found that those who have worked in noisy environments in the past suffer later from conditions such as tinnitus or even permanent deafness. Providing the right equipment for the workforce can avoid this as much as possible.

The warehouse visitor station is perfect for those times when you have guests at your workplace who do not have personal safety equipment. The visitor station can include PPE equipment such as eye safety goggles, ear plugs or even high-visibility vests. They can be handy to have for those unannounced inspections (company planning is sure to be looked upon favourably during any inspection), and they are also useful for people who are being shown around the workplace as part of a staff interview or for replacement items for staff who may have forgotten their own PPE kit.

The warning and advice posters that come with the PPE stations are large enough to be visible easily to anyone walking by. They are filled with all the information needed to guide staff on how best to wear their PPE to obtain the most benefit. Whether it is eye protection or ear defenders, you know that all staff members have the necessary equipment and the correct instructions and guidance in order to keep them safe. When partnered with regular health and safety training this is the best way to avoid accidents and incidents.

The PPE stations come in several sizes, and the compartments can fit almost everything that you might need while working in high-risk areas. Hard hats and safety shoes can be hung on storage hooks close to the compartments to make sure that everything is on hand as and when needed. You can have PPE stations that have several different compartments. If you have a smaller space, then the stations with just two compartments will be ideal. If you need more than two storage spaces, then ordering more smaller ones to fit into the space is better than ordering a PPE station with three or four compartments and struggling to make it fit where it needs to go.

Placing a PPE station in an position which is not easily visible or accessible could mean that staff forget to collect the all-important safety items and risk injury or contamination.