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Construction Site Smoking Signs

Need help? Need help? Why restrict smoking outdoors? Since the ban on smoking came into effect in 2008 it is illegal to smoke in all enclosed workplaces in England, business owners have been required to put up No-Smoking Signs in certain areas to ensure the law is followed. Typically, these are most commonly seen in offices and bars, but construction sites are by no means an exception to the rule.

By putting up Construction Site Smoking Signs, you effectively eliminate all the confusion regarding where people can smoke and where smoking is prohibited. This will not only allow you to safeguard the health of non-smokers, but it will also help to improve the safety and security of your site, helping you to comply with the laws and regulations.

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Meet Any Requirement

We have many types of Construction Site Smoking Signs to choose from, each suiting a different purpose or requirement that you may have. Most often, the two most common types of smoking signs are those meant to designate smoking areas, and those for prohibiting smoking from an area.

More recently, some workplaces have need to restrict the use of electronic cigarettes. Signs such as our ‘No Smoking Including Electronic Cigarettes’ Banner Signs can help to meet this need. However, if you believe there is a situation we haven't covered, feel free to check out our Custom Site Safety Signs, where you can chose from a range of symbols, images and enter your own wording to make a sign tailored to you.

For any indoor areas you may need to cater for, see our range of Smoking Area Signs and Electronic Cigarette Signs.

Protect Non-Smokers

Health risks - It is necessary to make sure that non-smoking workers are not subjected to secondhand smoke in the workplace. To a non-smoker, inhaling smoke is far from enjoyable and the dangers of passive smoking mean that it may be just as unhealthy as regular smoking.

Long-term exposure to secondhand smoke can make you 20 per cent more likely to develop lung cancer. It's also bad for your heart and can lead to respiratory problems such as chronic cough and asthma. Even despite the serious health issues, as a responsible employer you should take steps to ensure the wellbeing of all of your staff.

Ensuring a happy workforce - By using our range of Construction Site Smoking Signs you can make it clear where smokers are and are not permitted to smoke, ensuring that non-smokers are able to enjoy smoke-free environments and able to continue working in a content and productive manner.

Smoking and Safety

Fire risks - Posting construction site smoking signs not only contributes to a healthier working environment for all, but also a much safer one.

Construction sites often tend to contain inflammable materials such as wood, insulation and fuels for vehicles or machinery. Also, there can be dangerous chemicals present in the area, such as certain gases, that don't react well with smoke.

It only takes a single spark to ignite a fire. By using signs that inform of where smoking is not permitted, such as our ‘Flammable/No Smoking/No Naked Lights Stanchion’ Signs or informing workers to ensure cigarettes are extinguished fully with a ‘Smoking Area - Discard Cigarette Ends’ Sign, you can help to reduce the risk.

Secure premises - Our signs can also help to improve the security of your site. By designating specific smoking areas, you can help to ensure that those on your site do not take any unnecessary security risks by using entrances and exits that should be kept closed.

Materials and Fixings

By choosing our Construction Site Smoking Signs, you ensure maximum safety of your construction site while remaining compliant with the local laws and regulations. We have plenty of designs available, so we're confident we have something that will suit your tastes.

High quality material - All of our signs are available in a range of high quality materials that fully meet safety regulations. Including Correx, a high quality material suited for temporary notices on construction sites where a more permanent sign is not required.

Ensure your signs are seen - By making sure that your signs are in the right position to begin with can considerably increase their effectiveness. Our Sign Fixings allow you to securely fasten your signs wherever you require, to make sure they are not ignored.