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Ear Plugs

When you want ear protection that is convenient, discreet and highly effective, ear plugs are just the thing. We stock a wide variety of types, both disposable and re-usable, with varying noise-blocking capacities. We stock individual pairs of ear plugs and corded pairs, general-use ear plugs and ear plugs designed for use in environments where hygiene is vital. Take a look at our selection or product guide.

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Ear Plugs Buying Guide

The ear plugs in our selection are available in many different noise blocking capacities. Choosing the right decibel range means you can be confident that your employees will be protected against both short-term hearing problems and long-term hearing damage, even in very noisy environments. It also means you can leave them with some ability to hear in situations where what matters is reducing rather than completely cancelling noise, and situations when they still need to communicate.

Our ear protection reminder signs are a useful way to ensure that your employees do not forget to put their ear plugs in before entering noisier parts of your premises. As ear plugs are worn off site in many kinds of work, however, you will also need to get your employees into good habits. We stock individually packaged disposable ear plugs which they can easily carry with them to wear when needed.

Since they are small, ear plugs inevitably present a risk of falling out and getting lost. We have brightly coloured solutions like the Neon Blast so that they can easily be relocated, reducing the risk that they will get into your products or machinery, or create a slip hazard.

Some products such as the Howard Leight® Fusion® contain metal so that they are detectable. While this method might seem a bit extravagant to many employers, it is highly advisable in the food industry, and in laboratory and medical settings where infection control and the avoidance of pollutants is a high priority.

Reusable ear plugs should always be assigned to specific employees to avoid the risk of ear infections being passed between people. Some ear plugs in our selection use different colours for each ear, so, if they are correctly used, there will be no risk of passing infections between ears either.

Disposable ear plugs are the ultimate way to reduce the infection risk, and the use of modern materials mean they do not need to harm the environment.

Some of the ear plugs in our selection are loose, while some are attached to cords or bands. The latter two types are useful in situations where the wearer needs to be able to take them in and out without losing them. Bands generally look more formal when you want the wearer to be able to maintain a smart appearance. They can even be useful for managers who frequently move between the front office and factory floor.

Although ear muffs can be useful when you want maximum protection, ear plugs are great for those occasions when you would prefer your noise protection equipment to go unnoticed, or for times when it may be needed quickly and you do not want to have to carry around anything bulky. We are sure that our selection will provide what you need.