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An important part of an employer’s responsibility to their workforce is providing adequate health and safety training for staff. In-house training for workers affected by health and safety policy and practice is a positive way to reduce business outgoings, as well as giving employers a greater level of control over the timing and frequency of staff training. A great tool for in-house health and safety instruction is our comprehensive range of training DVDs. Our training DVD range provides an easy method of in-house health and safety instruction, from general workplace health and safety to safe practices for more specific workplace tasks.

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Safety Training Videos: Buying Guide

While in-house training is a great way to communicate health and safety messages to the workforce, having training sessions delivered in person by existing staff can prove time-consuming, taking vital staffing resources away from other areas of your business. However, by investing in our range of training DVDs, you can create an in-house training programme for health and safety that requires minimal staff input to impart the necessary messages to new workers.

Our comprehensive selection of training DVDs covers a wide range of health and safety topics and the ways in which they affect workplace practice.

Choose health and safety instruction DVDs from our selection that cover basic worker responsibilities or opt for targeted workplace training films on DVD that cover health and safety in relation to more specific practices.

Our health and safety film range includes DVDs covering everything from fire prevention, safety and evacuation to manual handling practices.

We have staff training films that offer instruction on health and safety practices for the warehouse, forklift truck operation and electrical safety in the workplace.

For businesses where staff are expected to be out on the road, we have a choice of driving safety training films on DVD to help staff understand their health and safety responsibilities when behind the wheel. Carers and auxiliaries may benefit from viewing a DVD training film with helpful information on moving and handling people in the course of their work.

For food preparation businesses or organisations where food may be handled as part of other workplace expectations, we have a food hygiene safety training DVD, while kitchen, office and other workers may benefit from the use of DVD training films to help prevent spills, slip hazards, trips and falls.

Businesses where chemicals are used in the course of the working day might consider using our training DVD outlining COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations and responsibilities, while we also offer a film on health and safety training that specifically covers asbestos regulations.

Here at Seton, we also offer a selection of health and safety training films on DVD that cover the need for safety clothing and personal protection equipment within certain environments, as well as in-house training DVDs with content that covers stress management.

Use our health and safety films that highlight common workplace accidents as a jumping-off point for more comprehensive workplace training for staff, and help keep workers informed of their risk assessment responsibilities with a dedicated training film on this subject.

Whatever type of in-house health and safety training you are looking to deliver, it is likely that Seton has a film that will suit your needs.