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Need help? Need help? How to reinforce that mobile phones should not be used? Stop Distracted Dangerous Staff - Mobile Phone Signs

The use of mobile phones in the workplace is a contentious issue. With many people relying on them for home and work use, it is easy to forget that there are times when mobile phones should not be used. It may be dangerous for a person to be on their phone as this can reduce their awareness of what is happening around them or it may be that the use of a mobile phone will interfere with the way that a nearby piece of electronic equipment works. The best way of getting across a clear message that mobile phones should not be used is a mobile phone prohibition sign.

We have available a wide range of sign fixings to ensure that your signs stay put.

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No Mobile Phone Signs: Buying Guide

Our ‘Do not use mobile phones’ signs features an image of a mobile phone in a circle with a line passing through it. This is simple and clear in meaning, and workers and visitors will be left in no doubt about the restriction in place.

This sign is available on its own or in an economical pack of six so that you can post several signs where needed.

Sometimes an image is all it takes to get your message across. In which case take a look at our signs that simply feature the no mobile phones symbol. Choose from signs for affixing to walls and other vertical surfaces, signs specifically for windows and even frosted glass signs for a more prestigious look.

Alternatively, the same image can be used alongside a message that reads ‘Turn off all mobile phones’. This is a reminder that the use of mobile phones can interfere with the way that electronic equipment works – it is not just a question of not using them, they should actually be switched off. These signs can often be found at the entrance to certain areas and wards in hospitals.

There is a whole range of “no mobile phone” signs that can be mounted anywhere in the workplace, whether on walls, windows or doors. These all feature the mobile phone symbol in a red circle with a line through it, with some being accompanied by text to reinforce the message.

There are a number of design options available, such as the way the phone is depicted on the signs and the written message. There is even the option to create your own sign using the mobile phone symbol but with your own wording.

For more prohibition signs take a look at our whole range

Custom No Mobile Signs

Custom prohibition signs are a good option if you want to be more specific with your instructions. It may be that you want to be clear that the use of mobile phones is prohibited in just one area, or you may want to specify that phones should be put on silent to prevent causing a disturbance to those around you.

We can create a safety sign to your specifications. Simply choose your size, material and add your own wording.

Signs Materials Available

In terms of the materials available for our standard and custom signs, there are a range of options so that you can pick the ideal sign that fits in with the decor and layout of your facilities.

Metallic look signs, for example, are created from rigid plastic but have a metallic finish for a prestigious look.

If you want to be sure that people approaching the building are aware they should not be using their mobile phone, or to remind those who are on site not to use them, them window fix or wall fix signs are ideal. Window fix signs can be adhered to the window, either inside or out. Wall signs are available in rigid plastic or vinyl – rigid plastic signs can be either screwed or stuck to the wall. Our vinyl signs have a self-adhesive backing for quick and easy installation. See our guide to sign materials for more information on the wide range of materials available.