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Need help? Need help? How do I combine flexibility with transparency? Keeping track of the whereabouts of employees, and providing clients or guests with information as to who is available, is essential for many companies. Even in an increasingly digital workplace, there is often a need for physical representation of which employees are around, which is why in and out boards remain an integral part of the modern workplace.

We have a wide range of in and out boards to choose from, ensuring that firms and organizations of all sizes, and all needs, have a solution that is effective, efficient, and tailored to their needs and requirements in keeping people fully informed.

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Staff In and Out Boards: Buying Guide

It is understandable that modern workplaces are keen to promote flexibility as much as they can. A flexible working environment should ensure that client and business needs are always being met, without overloading the company or business premises at any one time. While flexibility in the workplace is of significant benefit, there is a need to ensure the whereabouts or availability of employees is widely known. Therefore, in and out boards are a useful addition to the working environment.

Whether the issue for a company is keeping informed of whether employees are available to meet with customers or clients by using name badges and sign in books for visitors, or just to signify who is available for work that day, there is an in and out board to meet the business’ needs. From options providing a photograph of the employee to whiteboard style in and out boards that can be changed on a shift basis, these boards help to provide a better standard of service for everyone in the working environment.

Accountability is important for firms

Accountability is a big factor in the use of in and out boards, and use of products like this and wrist bands help a company to meet health and safety requirements. Knowing which employees are in the building and where they are, means that if an incident occurs it is possible to ascertain people’s whereabouts at short notice. It is hoped this type of situation will not arise, but having this information at hand immediately can make a significant difference when establishing peoples’ whereabouts.

There is no denying businesses need value for money in the modern era and products that assist with health and safety management while improving efficiency are very welcome in the workplace. The use of in and out boards can be justified in many ways and for many different reasons, but ultimately, it helps a company to work more efficiently and to provide a better standard of service to clients, customers, and guests.

Employees want peace of mind at work

There is even peace of mind for employees if they have a lot of work to do or they are with someone and don’t wish to be disturbed, they can inform others of this situation. In order to get the best from employees, there is a need to create a working environment where people are respected and feel as though they can carry on with their work in the most appropriate manner. The addition of in and out boards may not seem like a major factor in creating a better working environment, but it helps to create a situation where employees can set their availability knowing they can carry out work without hindrance or inconvenience.

The modern workplace involves many people and it may require flexibility to perform at its best. The use of in and out boards or the use of ID cards and badge holders can help to create an environment where flexibility and movement is accounted for and encouraged.