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Car Park Signs

Need help? Need help? Unsure of which Car Park Signs you need? Highly Informative UK Car Park Signs with Fast Delivery

Car park signs are an efficient method of providing drivers with the information they need. This can include how to find appropriate parking and keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Car parks can be extremely hazardous with accidents resulting in injuries and even fatalities, as well as damage to assets and vehicles. As an employer, it is your responsibility to take precautions to reduce the risk of accidents. Car park signs are an important step in increasing safety around your workplace. Check out our car park signs guide for more information on sign placement, custom signs and how they fit with your other outdoor signage.

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Car Park Information Signs Guide

Car park signs are an integral part of car park safety and efficiency. Seton has a wide selection that can be used to guide drivers entering or leaving your car park. Many premises, including supermarkets, hospitals, and offices include car parks, and car park signs will improve safety in all of these.

Car park signs fulfil a variety of criteria:

  • Information signs provide instructions and directions to both drivers and pedestrians

  • Warning signs indicate hazards and areas where caution is needed

  • Prohibition and mandatory signs inform of rules that need to be followed to increase safety

Sign Placement

Car parks may be open to the elements or undercover, but the selection of car park signs from Seton includes options suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. All our signs are designed to be long lasting, providing information in your car parks for a considerable time.

Signs are available in a choice of finishes. Once you know where a sign will be situated you can decide whether you need a reflective or non-reflective option.

  • Reflective signs are suitable for use on private land, industrial estates and car parks

  • Non-reflective signs are a cost effective solution where signs will only need to be visible during the day

Once you have chosen your finish you can look at material. Polypropylene and reflective plastic are our two most popular options and both are robust and long-lasting.

Every sign within this selection complies with relevant EU and UK safety rules. Creating an effective traffic management scheme which takes into account health and safety laws can seem daunting. We’ve taken the hassle out of meeting your responsibilities by ensuring every sign we supply works within the required parameters.

A well-managed car park is essential not just for safety, but also to make a good first impression on visitors arriving on your premises. Good management of the car parks on your site prevents accidents and you can install traffic calming devices such as speed bumps to restrict vehicle speed. An organised car park improves health and safety and allows staff and visitors to park efficiently. Also, check out our full range of road traffic signs.

Custom Parking Signs for All Locations

Custom signs are our specialty. Our range of car park signs is comprehensive, however all locations are unique - if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can create a custom sign just for you. For more information check out our customised product pages.

Parking Signs as Part of Your Outdoor Signage

General information parking signs can be combined with other car park signs to ensure everyone knows the rules:

Securely fix your car park signs so they can be easily spotted. This might include the use of poles and posts or, alternatively, mounting to a wall. We supply a selection of sign holders and fixings to enable you to do this. Larger signs can be attached to a stanchion so they are highly visible and easy to move as required. This can be particularly useful for temporary diversions in adverse weather conditions or during roadworks.

Car Park Signs Regulations

There are certain regulations and guidelines when it comes to private car park signs law that you need to know about. If you own a business with parking attached, and that car park occupies land owned by you or your business, or land you rent from a private landlord, then the car park is on private land and parking is managed using the laws of contract or trespass. A private car park can sometimes be managed by a private parking company on behalf of the landowner.

Private parking operators who are members of an Accredited Trade Association (ATA) are required to adhere to a Code of Practice, and that means there are certain guidelines regarding parking signs, which cover the size, placement and content of signs. The British Parking Association provides more details on the responsibilities of those who own and manage private car parks. The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 may also contain information of use to you if you run a private car park attached to your business.

Private signs for car parks you may need

The car park signs you need will depend on the nature of your business and your car parking facilities. One important issue is speed, as car parks, by their very nature, are an area where both vehicles and pedestrians are present. For this reason you may need to install speed limit signs, and also warning signs to alert drivers to areas where pedestrians will be likely to be crossing in front of them. Many car parks will also have disabled parking bays or areas, which should, of course, be marked with appropriate signage.

Other car park signs you may require include signs to indicate directions, such as a one-way sign or a no entry sign, and signs to indicate specific point of access customers, staff or contractors need to know about, such as a delivery entrance sign, or a site office sign. One other important sign may be a disclaimer sign to indicate that vehicles are left at owners own risk. If you run a small private car park, it is highly unlikely you have security staff, or even security cameras in operation.

Do I really need private parking signs for my business?

That depends on how you want or need your car park area to be used, but most car parks will need some level of signage, if only to indicate who is allowed to park there, or which business the parking area serves. If you have any disabled parking or other special instructions you want vehicle owners to follow, car park signs will usually be the easiest way to communicate this.

What are the best private car park signs UK for my business?

This will depend on the size and layout of your car park, and which messages you need to communicate, but here are a few of our most popular car park signs.

  • Customisable Parking Bay Signs – Versatile and affordable, these signs can be customised with names, job titles, vehicle types or anything else that applies to your business. Clearly states who is, or isn’t, allowed to park in a particular bay. Great if you need to specify that only customers (or staff) of your business can park there, for example.

  • Visitor Parking Signs - Bold, clear, and eye-catching. These weather-resistant signs help reduce nuisance parking. Available in a choice of materials and sizes.

  • Car Park Security Signs Users of This Car Park Do So At Their Own Risk – These parking signs come in a range of sizes and materials, and display a clear message, to remind drivers to protect property and not leave valuables in their cars.

Here at Seton, we have a wide range of car park signage, and can create custom signs to suit your specific needs, whatever they may be. If you have any questions, feel free to call us and ask our friendly experts for advice.