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Food Safety Labels

If your business involves retailing or making food products, it’s essential to ensure local food safety policies are adhered to, and that you comply with current Health and Safety regulations. That guarantees that food is prepared hygienically, is well cooked, and customers receive food from a clean and safe environment.

As well as offering details on expiration dates and shelf life, our food safety labels cover a range of issues related to food and drink, such as washing your hands and ‘danger hot’ labels. Our food safety sticker guide contains useful information on label types and colour coding.

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Food Hygiene Stickers - Buying Guide

Food safety in the workplace is vitally important and you must ensure relevant hygiene policies are followed in conjunction with the standard health regulations that are present in every workplace. Our food safety labels will make it easier to do so by passing important information to your staff and customers. Labels can be placed virtually anywhere and feature clear, simple messages and pictograms so there can be no confusion over safety.

Food Safety Sticker Types

There are various labels within our food safety range that advise of hazards that can be present in food preparation areas. This includes those that carry warnings about hot surfaces or water. These should be placed as close to the potential hazard as possible making labels the ideal way to alert workers to the risk of accident and injury.

One of the most useful type of food safety labels are those that advise of “use by” dates and the self life of products and/or ingredients. Our range of Removx labels includes shelf life labels that can be filled in to show “date made” and “use by” information and colour coded day labels. We can also supply customisable shelf life labels.

Our prohibition-style labels state that you must not do certain things, such as take food and drink into specified areas or drink water from incorrect sources. We also stock labels that advise state if water is drinkable and the location of hand-washing facilities.

We also stock easy-to-understand colour coded indicator labels with happy and sad faces and cold and hot information.

Our food safety labels are fully compliant with current food Health and Safety regulations and include universally recognised symbols so that all employees, visitors and customers are able to understand them. This will ensure that food safety policies are followed and strictly adhered to, so food is prepared and cooked appropriately and sold in good condition. If you are unable to find what you need for your workplace within our selection of food safety labels, you can design your own labels on our website.

Colour Coded Food Labels

Colour coding in food preparation areas is very common and the same principle can be applied to holding stocks of fresh food and ingredients. Our colour coded labels are a quick and easy way to ensure you are always dealing with fresh or in-date food. By implementing a simple colour coded system to denote days of the week, months of the year or any other information; you can be sure that all staff will know what goods should be used at a particular time and keep a check on stock levels to ensure food isn’t wasted. Our colour coded inventory labels can be customised to show information specific to your business.