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Glove Storage

Whether you are looking for a durable container you can take with you anywhere, or a simple wall-mounted set-up which makes it easy for busy workers to grab what they need in a hurry, you will be able to find what you need here. Glove dispensers like these are among those simple, easily-overlooked items that make a significant difference in the day-to-day running of your workplace. Take a look at our gloves storage guide for more information.

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Storing Gloves

Different working environments need different types of storage solutions for gloves, and at Seton we aim to provide something suitable for every kind of business, whether it is a cafeteria, health clinic or construction site. When buying, you will need to consider factors like durability, portability, ease of use and practicality for your workers.

Some glove dispensers are designed to be disposable and can be recycled after use, while others are for long-term use. The former type is practical enough in many situations, but because it is not built with resilience in mind it can be vulnerable to water damage and can become battered over time, which could be a problem if it is in public view as it could potentially give a bad impression of your business.

Refillable dispensers are better protected, more durable and continue looking good in the long-term provided they are kept clean.

Some dispensers like our glove storage boxes are designed to be secured to a wall, which can be useful in situations where employees need gloves in a hurry - people quickly get used to where they are. Portable dispensers, however, are a practical choice if your employees work off-site and need to be able to take gloves with them. They are also useful in laboratory environments where work is focused in different locations at different times. The type of dispenser that’s best for you will depend on your working environment.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing a dispenser is precisely how you need it to protect the stored gloves. For instance, some leave gloves open to the air for ease of access. Some are designed to protect gloves from dust, dirt and moisture, while others are designed to hold individually-wrapped pairs of gloves for maximum hygiene, which could be your top priority if you are working in the medical, manufacturing or food sector.

Alongside our range of glove dispensers, we have strap and clip systems which can be used to store gloves of all types in a variety of different environments - anywhere you have a rail to attach them to. The flexibility offered by systems like this makes them ideal in changeable environments, such as when your employees are working on scaffolding. They are designed to secure gloves without gripping them in a way that means they are at risk of being torn if pulled.

Using a glove dispenser or a system like the above means you can keep a busy workplace much better organised, reducing the risk of delays and ensuring your employees are never tempted to proceed with a task without the proper safety gear. You can use them in combination with hand protection safety signs to make sure your employees never forget when gloves are needed.