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When bad weather strikes you could be thankful your business has de-icers and salt, salt spreaders, snow ploughs and other products available. Keeping a stockpile of road grit or rock salt throughout the year means you can act quickly when temperatures drop, reducing the chances of accidents on or around your premises.

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There are two main benefits to buying a salt bin or a grit bin. The first is they allow you to easily store a large amount of rock salt or ice melt grit. This means you can buy in bulk, saving you money, and ensuring you have grit or salt ready to use when needed. The second is because of the durable, weather-resistant nature of the salt bins, you can place them outdoors – making it easy to keep them close to where they’re likely to be needed most. Buying a heavy bag of salt and keeping it in a shed, garage or store-room then having to haul it out at the last minute in extreme weather is far more uncomfortable and dangerous.

Our grit and salt bins come in a variety of sizes but are typically made of high-grade polyethylene or glass fibre, meaning they won’t rust, corrode or fall apart. Most are provided in a bright eye-catching yellow, making them easy to find, even in heavy rain or deep snow. We provide grit & salt bins in a range of sizes to suit a variety of sites. The smallest of our range, the 60 Litre Grit Bin is ideal for smaller sites and workplaces where snow and extreme weather is less likely. While our 400 Litre Lockable Grit Bin provides a large store for salt and grit, suitable for all workplaces where space is no issue and snow and ice is a high risk during winter months.


Do I Really Need Grit Bins Or Salt Bins On My Business Premises?

Grit bins (also known as salt bins, rock salt bins, or grit salt bins) may not be necessary for every business, but they are highly useful for many. In the UK, grit bins may be the last thing on your mind for the majority of the year, but having grit or salt on hand for those short periods of time when it is 100% necessary for health and safety reasons is very convenient.

Even if your business is in a part of the UK that rarely sees snow, you are still likely to experience some freezing temperatures with the inevitable icy surfaces that accompany them. Remember that rock salt and other de-icing solutions can be used to quickly melt ice and make surfaces safe to walk or drive on. While the snow and ice experienced by many UK businesses can be fairly short-lived, for retail outlets it often comes at the busiest time of the year, during the Christmas rush and the January sales. For UK businesses in certain parts of the country, snow and ice can stick around much longer, and having an easy system for gritting your outside premises can improve safety and efficiency throughout the winter months.

Having grit bins to store your de-icing salt in can be a convenience that actually makes the whole de-icing process quicker and easier, ensuring that your staff and visitors suffer minimal inconvenience and your premises are kept safe. No-one wants a preventable accident to occur on their premises, and you may, of course, be subject to an expensive insurance claim if one does.

How To Use Grit Bins

Grit bins can be placed around your premises in convenient and accessible places, allowing designated staff to easily access them when snow and ice are forecast. Gritting your outside surfaces before a predicted snow fall or cold snap will actually help prevent snow from settling and ice from forming. However, you should keep in mind that grit bins and snow clearing equipment should be placed somewhere where they are easy to access, even after a heavy snowfall. Depending on security, outside but under cover can often be your best choice.

Depending on the layout of your premises, and other resources available, you may want one large grit bin or several smaller ones. When planning how to use your grit bins, consider exactly how you’ll be spreading grit when the need arises. You may find that a small salt spreader is the most convenient option, perhaps with a hand held salt shaker for smaller areas. You will also have to factor in that some areas will need to be cleared, and then gritted, and plan to keep snow shovels and other equipment easily accessible for that.

Why Do I Often See Yellow Grit Bins in Public Places?

In the UK, a lot of local councils place large yellow grit bins in public places for their own use in gritting roads, pavements, car parks and walkways. While these are primarily for council use, they can also be accessed by members of the general public to grit a public road that the council has not been able to access. If there is a council grit bin near your business, then this is probably a good sign. It means that the council is likely to grit local roads around your premises, but you are wholly responsible for gritting your own private property – so you’ll still need your own grit bins, with sufficient grit to ensure that your own premises are safe.

When Should I Buy Grit Bins UK?

There is always a rush to order grit and salt bins, and de-icing salt, when cold weather is on the horizon, so as with anything, it’s better to be prepared. You can order grit bins, rock salt bins and other de-icing equipment year-round, and as with anything, you may be able to pick up bargains out of season, so it is definitely worth buying grit bins well in advance of winter weather, whenever possible.

What Are The Best Grit Bins To Buy In The UK?

Here at Seton, we have a range of grit bins and other de-icing equipment available year-round. Here are a few of our popular options:

  • 60 Litre Grit Bin – A small bin suitable for businesses with limited areas to grit. It has a hinged lid and can be fitted with an optional hasp and staple lock.

  • 220 Litre Ultimate Grit Bin – A larger bin with salt-resistant rubber seal, water ingress barrier and in-built measurement gauge.

  • Mobile Grit Bin – This space-saving and versatile grit bin can be used to store grit, and can be moved around for ease of spreading. It has rubber wheels and an ergonomic handle for manoeuvrability and ease of use.

If you don’t know which product would best suit your requirements or need assistance with your order, pick up the phone or send an email and we’ll do what we can to help.