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Electronic Cigarette Signs

As a leading sign manufacturer, we've available a comprehensive range of signs and sign fixings to help you communicate your workplace policies regarding the use of electronic cigarettes on your premises. Our safety signs are available in a wide choice of sizes and materials and provides clear, visual instructions to staff and visitors.

Electronic cigarette signs have the benefit of clearly communicating your workplace policies on the use of e-cigarettes, demonstrating the health and safety regulations that your site abides by, while notifying employees of expected behaviour and implemented procedures regarding the smoking of electronic cigarettes in the workplace.

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E-Cigarette Signs: Buying Guide

Depending on where exactly you want to place your e-cigarette signs, we have available a wide selection of legends, sizes and materials, so you are sure to find something appropriate for the area of your premises you want to display signage, be it indoors or out. See our guide to sign materials for more information on the high quality materials available and their suitability for indoor and outdoor use.

The installation of electronic cigarette signs around your workplace not only marks the areas where the use of electronic cigarettes is forbidden, it also helps the users of e-cigarettes to find a place where vaping is allowed.

Electronic cigarette signs can therefore not only be used as a preventative measure to inhibit employees smoking in restricted areas, it can also be used as a method of encouraging employees to follow health and safety regulations regarding smoking in the workplace.

While it may be easy for an employee to know where the designated smoking areas are, often visitors will not be aware of your company’s smoking policy and your designated smoking areas. Posting a sign that can be easily seen by everyone is an effective solution to this problem.

Legislation dictates that no smoking signs shall be displayed in smoke-free premises. As yet electronic cigarettes are not included in this. However, with e-cigarettes becoming an increasingly popular product, the inclusion of electronic cigarette signs will establish your business as one with a comprehensive attitude towards smoking in the workplace and one that caters for both its employee’s and visitors’ requirements and concerns.

To Vape or Not To Vape Indoors

Currently there is very little conclusive evidence regarding the effects of long-term e-cigarette use. Electronic cigarettes are a relatively new product on the market, which means we don't yet know everything about them. Nonetheless, they are increasing in popularity as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

There is currently no law regarding the use of electronic cigarettes indoors, but many companies are treating them as traditional cigarettes and banning their use inside. Additionally, co-workers may object to others vaping in the workplace for various reasons.

To preserve good relations and avoid conflict in the workplace, displaying a sign that prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in certain areas is an excellent decision. Window signs are an ideal way of conveying your message that the use of electronic cigarettes indoors is prohibited.

Finally, since some smokers use electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, they may not necessarily want to be using them in the same areas used by the regular smokers. There are signs exactly for that purpose.

Custom Electronic Cigarette Signs

If you want an electronic cigarette sign that is unique to you and your business, then consider creating your own sign. It is simpler than you may think.