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Footwear Accessories

Covers for boots and shoes are useful for employees and visitors alike, and can be found in our range of footwear accessories. In areas where substances on the floor can be hazardous or damaging to footwear, a cover that can be easily slipped over the shoes or boots will be highly valuable.

Providing protection for hazards is a legal responsibility of employers and failure to do so can have serious consequences. Find out about the potential advantages of these products for your business in our buying guide.

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Advantages of Footwear Accessories

There are many environments where footwear accessories, such as over shoes and boot covers, will be valuable. These can range from the mess of a food production area to the exceptionally hazardous environments of biological or chemical waste. A simple cover over the footwear creates a protective barrier, providing benefits that may include the prevention of staining or even the transmission of serious disease.

The range of footwear accessories at Seton includes reusable overshoes, which will suit employees, particularly those who are not always working in the hazardous environment. We also stock a range of disposable shoe covers. Keeping a stock of these is always handy for any visitors who enter your premises. Make sure these are stored safely and ready for use in a suitable location, such as our visitor safety stations.

Hazardous Environments and Safety Shoe Accessories

When dealing with hazardous substances, such as biological waste or chemical spillage, footwear accessories that will protect the whole foot are essential to prevent chemical burns or the transmission of contagious diseases. These are also available in the range of footwear accessories at Seton.
Making sure your safety procedures fulfil all of your obligations under the current health and safety legislation can be tricky, and leaves many companies feeling confused. As one of the leading retailers of personal protective equipment, we aim to make the process simpler. If you are unsure which products you need to protect your workforce, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We make sure all of our products comply with the EU and UK safety laws, so you can have complete peace of mind when you shop with us.

The use of footwear accessories can go some way to improving the health and safety standards on your work premises, particularly when used in conjunction with other products from our range. Take a look at our range of chemical resistant clothing to protect the whole body in the hazardous environment of the chemical industry. For the safe handling of substances in hazardous environments, we have a large range of products in our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) range.

Protecting visitors and employees on your premises with the use of personal protective equipment will have a range of benefits for your company, all who work there, and the wider community. Contaminated footwear can easily spread disease, potentially resulting in hospital admission and fatalities. Overshoes are the ideal way to prevent this. For anyone on your premises who is required to enter hazardous or messy areas, the provision of good quality footwear accessories and other gear to protect their skin and clothing is reassuring, proving their comfort and safety is your highest priority.