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Need help? Need help? What is the importance of PPE Storage? The correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential component of any company’s health and safety policy, and it’s vital these products are maintained and stored correctly. Looking after your equipment and accessories will ensure they do not become damaged or deteriorate in quality. Our range of storage products and PPE accessories includes tool pouches, bags, tool belts, storage boxes, dispenser stations and storage hooks suitable for various equipment (See our buying guide). These are designed with ease of access in mind, which enables users to locate exactly what they require quickly.

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Importance of PPE Storage

The PPE market covers a wide range of products, including head, hand and ear protection, and it is an essential way of ensuring the work environment is kept safe at all times. This equipment works on top of safety systems and engineering controls, which are there to mitigate risks as much as possible. Where these can’t be completely made safe, PPE is there to provide an additional layer of protection for workers.

Maintaining PPE

Whatever type of PPE is in use, it’s important to maintain it correctly to prolong its life and ensure it works properly when required.

Keeping the equipment, such as respirators, safe and securely stored when not in use is all part of this maintenance schedule. The storage should be a clean and dry location, such as the storage boxes available for specific products - for example, hearing and head protection.

It’s important to have a single point of contact that oversees maintenance of the PPE so any products requiring replacement or repairs are dealt with as soon as possible and any new products are ordered when required.

Storage and PPE Awareness

There is no point having the appropriate PPE in place and correctly maintaining it if no one uses it in the correct manner. This will mean they’re not adequately protected from the potential risks, and it could result in serious injury.

The use of PPE awareness mirrors, PPE stations or visible storage hooks can help remind workers of the importance of PPE and how it can enable them to stay safe while conducting their work.

If these are located at the point where PPE is required or areas of heavy traffic, they will have more of an impact on employees and encourage them to use the appropriate equipment at the right time.

They are also beneficial for visitors who might not be aware of all the safety requirements and procedures. Visitor safety stations can consist of a sign indicating the appropriate PPE along with compartments that contain the relevant products, such as ear plugs or safety vests.

PPE training

When PPE is called into play, it’s crucial users know exactly how it can benefit them and how it should be used so it operates effectively. Before anyone starts working and when people moved to new areas, they should spend time getting to know the relevant safety regulations and protocols. This needs to include the use and storage of any relevant PPE, even if they’re already familiar with it.


When should PPE be used?

The main principle behind the use of PPE is that it is only there as a last resort, when other safety systems haven’t reduced the risk. Other measures must be used first to eliminate as many risks in the workplace as possible, and those that protect workers as a collective should be used on a wider basis than individual safety measures.

Why is PPE a last resort?

As opposed to some other safety measures, PPE is only there to give protection to the wearer, and if it’s not fitted or working properly, it won’t be effective. There will always be some restrictions with the use of PPE, and psychologically the wearer might feel they are protected more simply because of the presence of the PPE.

What are the storage requirements for PPE?

Any item of PPE, whether it’s a respirator or protective gloves, should be stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines when not in use. This is essential as any items not stored properly can become damaged or deteriorate sooner, and there is also the risk of contamination.

When should PPE be replaced?

The lifespan of PPE will vary depending on the type of equipment and the amount of usage. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on this matter and use your own judgement as to when a product has reached the end of its effective lifespan.