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5S Cleaning Stations

Improve workplace cleaning equipment segregation, control allergen and hygiene as well as reduce the risk of cross-contamination with cleaning shadow boards from Seton.

Implementing a colour-coded system across your site helps to control cross-contamination as well as inter-departmental “theft”. If every department had their own colour-code scheme then it is easy to see at a glance when a product is missing or has not been replaced on the correct shadow board.

Our shadow boards are available in five colours – white, red, yellow, blue or green; making it easy for you to set up a colour code system that is unique to your business and its departments. Try using red in high risk areas, yellow in low risk areas or blue to denote use in food preparation and handling areas.

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Shadow boards can help to lengthen the life of your cleaning equipment, as well as saving you time and money. Firstly products are kept off the floor, reducing the possibility of damage being caused to them. Secondly, shadows help to quickly identify missing products, negating the need to constantly purchase lost or misplaced cleaning items.

However, not everything lasts forever. We therefore have available colour-coded cleaning station products to make it quick and easy for you to replace individual elements as and when needed.

Each board has a selection of cleaning product shadows printed onto it and is supplied with hygienic plastic hooks or holders with which to secure products to the board.

What are the key benefits of Seton’s Shadow Boards?

  • Our boards are designed with 5S and Lean manufacturing environments in mind

  • Header sign makes the board easily visible around the workplace

  • Boards are supplied pre-drilled and with the relevant equipment fixings

  • Shadow panels clearly show that products are missing

  • Available in 5 colours

  • Choice of sizes and cleaning equipment available to suit all environments

What is the shadow board made from?

Our shadow boards are made from 10mm thick foamed PVC, making them lightweight yet robust. What’s more, the boards are supplied pre-drilled for quick and easy mounting to walls or other flat, upright surfaces.