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Fire Extinguisher Brackets

Need help? Need help? Discover which extinguisher bracket is best for you A Complete Range of The UK’s Highest Quality Fire Extinguisher Brackets

A fire extinguisher bracket is an essential addition for your fire extinguisher. Having a permanent centralised place from which to store and in the event of emergency, use an extinguisher is of paramount importance. You don’t want to get caught unprepared in the event of a fire.

Installing a fire extinguisher bracket ensures that your extinguisher is going to be available when needed, they are simple to use and offer a low cost solution to storing your fire extinguisher. Take a look and discover which bracket is best for you.

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Fire Extinguisher Bracket Placement

Fire extinguisher brackets are versatile and can be installed practically anywhere. There are several different ways to place, hang, or store fire extinguishers. One of the most common ways to hold extinguishers is with brackets, either lug brackets or J brackets. Lug brackets are designed for CO2 Fire Extinguishers and are shaped with a small lip for the 2kg and 5kg CO2 extinguishers to hook onto. J brackets, on the other hand, work well for most foam, water and dry powder extinguishers. Unlike the lip of the lug brackets, J brackets have a large, curving hook which most fire extinguishers can easily fit on. When placing the brackets, it is recommended that the brackets are situated no higher than one metre from ground level to allow easy access for most individuals.

How to mount fire extinguisher brackets

It couldn’t be easier, many brackets come with the fixings necessary to install them. Usually they will be screws that allow you to affix the bracket to any wall, be sure to use plugs for the screws and that the wall in question is capable of taking the weight of the extinguisher you want to store. And that’s it, a versatile method of hanging and storing extinguishers.

Brackets vs Stands

One of the other effective ways to store fire extinguishers is by using a fire extinguisher stand, these are highly visible and are usually made from fire resistant material, they offer an excellent way to store extinguishers and make them visible in the event of emergencies, being visible through smoke due to their colour. However where brackets are useful is when you are short on space or have cramped conditions and still need to have extinguishers on prominent display, small kitchens, offices and retail storage spaces are all ideal places for installing fire extinguisher brackets.

Further storage for fire extinguishers

There is a wealth of options when it comes to storing fire extinguishers. One of the other most popular ways is by using a Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, these are large rotationally moulded units that can be affixed to a wall or free standing, they can be locked shut and have an emergency access window for quick access should a fire occur. Cabinets come in a range of options, being designed to hold two extinguishers, single units or for your car or van.

The choice is yours when it comes to how you decide to display your vital firefighting equipment, be it by using brackets, stands or cabinets we will provide the solution and ensure you are prepared for all fire emergencies.