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Need help? Need help? What are Caution Signs used for? Get the Best Caution Signs to Stay Safe - Super-fast Delivery

Warn of hazards - From vehicle entrances, to deep water, to dangerous chemicals, there are many hazards to be found at work premises. All carry the risk of accidents resulting in minor injuries, major injuries or even fatalities.

Using Caution Signs to clearly draw attention to dangers is a cost-effective way to ensure you meet legislation and allow everyone on your premises to take steps to protect themselves, reassuring everyone that their safety and comfort is your priority.

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What Do Caution Signs Mean?

In the hazard sign category, caution signs can be used to provide a warning to members of staff and visitors to the workplace. They indicate that a person should take particular care in a certain area to avoid sustaining a minor injury. These signs warn against a somewhat lower level of risk than danger signs, but they are equally vital if a business is to comply with The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. Caution signs road users should be aware that the sign indicates that a significant hazard is present, one that could result in a moderately serious accident if a person does not avoid the risk.

What Colour Should be Used for Caution Signs?

Yellow is the colour most commonly associated with precautionary signs in the workplace. They can refer to risks that involve traffic moving into a site, work in progress and many other types of hazards. There are around 700 injuries per year that result from someone being struck by a moving object, 100 of which are major. To lower the risk of such an accident affecting one of your team and halting your schedule, Seton has a range of larger caution signs that road workers can use and much smaller signs for indoors. The right sign for your business will depend on the risk you need to highlight and its location.

  • Stanchion signs. These are hazard signs road users will spot easily as they stand upright to create a very visible warning. Our stanchion signs are designed to sit inside or outside of a building.

  • Visible mats. Our antistatic Caution Reversing Vehicles Highly Visible Mats keep your walkways free from dirt and provide a warning message for people who are moving into an area where vehicles are used.

  • Hanging signs. When you are carrying out construction tasks inside a building but have nowhere to affix signs warning people of your work, you can fasten our 3 Pack Caution Maintenance In Progress Hanging Signs to the ceiling.

  • Multi-message caution warning sign. Capable of delivering three messages at once, our multi-message signs convey the necessary information fast. If you need to maintain the safety of your plant and remind personnel about securing the area, our Caution Plant Room/Door Kept Locked Multi-Message Signs will work well.

  • Caution signs template. As the HSE stated: “Employees (particularly new, young or inexperienced ones) may be unfamiliar with the meaning of some of the less commonly used signs.” To overcome this problem and keep everyone safe, they advise: “Text supplementing the sign may have a useful role.” To create a bespoke sign, you can use one of our Custom Safety Signs to display text and a pictogram.

Clear and Simple Messages

Easy to understand - All of the Caution Signs in our range feature the widely recognised hazard triangle. The image inside the triangle can simply feature the standard exclamation mark symbol; the instantly recognisable sign of potential danger. Alternative images, such as those found on our ‘Caution Pinch Point’ Signs, ‘Caution Deep Water’ Signs and ‘Caution Falling Debris’ Signs can provide more specific information on the hazard involved.

Many of our Caution Signs also feature eye-catching bold text to explain the nature of the hazard. You can also opt for a multi-message sign that provides further instructions or prohibitions, such as our 'Caution Plant Room/Door Kept Locked' Multi-Message Signs, to help ensure that everyone understands the correct procedures while in the hazardous area.


Are you meeting the standard? Making sure that your safety procedures conform to current legislation can seem like a daunting process. Displaying caution signs to warn of hazards is part of a good health and safety procedure. At Seton, you can shop for these signs and any other safety products that you need with confidence, knowing that our products comply with current UK and EU laws.

Know your safety procedures - While it is always better to prevent accidents with good safety standards and clear warnings such as our Caution Signs, not all accidents can be prevented. Good first aid procedures can go a long way to reducing the severity of accidents. In the event of an accident, make sure that first aiders can be easily located using First Aider Signs, and look at our selection of First Aid Supplies to ensure that your team have everything they need to safely treat injuries.

Materials and Fixings

Options to suit you - To provide maximum flexibility, our range of Caution Signs is available in many different types of materials and fixings, so whatever the nature of your premises, you are likely to find an option to suit your requirements.

Our durable material range allows for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as materials for more demanding environments such as UV, water or solvent resistant. Furthermore, the changing nature of hazards in many industrial and construction areas may make a temporary sign more useful. We have a number of materials suitable for more temporary applications that can be easily moved for use elsewhere.

You can also ensure your signs are placed exactly where they are needed with our Sign Fixings, helping you keep your signs secured prominently and safely in place.

Because there are an endless number of hazards that you may need to warn about, if you find that you need a sign that is not included in our range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a custom sign-making service that can produce the signs that exactly suit your requirements.


How Do I Warn People of a Hazard Within a Bigger Area?

When a hazard is present over a wide area, such as a car park, a warehouse door or a large hallway, you can place a large safety sign in a position where it is readable from a distance.

Do Seton Signs Comply with British Standards Institution Regulations?

Yes, all of our signs conform to the BS 5499-10:2014 guidance for the selection and use of safety signs and fire safety notices standards. They are available in a range of different finishes and sizes to suit the requirements of every facility.

Will All Employees Understand Caution Street Signs?

It’s possible that some employees may not understand the caution signs. That is why employers are obliged to give them information on what a sign means and how to comply with its message.