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Need help? Need help? How to choose Respiratory Signage? Respiratory health is something nobody should take risks with, particularly in the workplace. This is why there is a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to protect workers’ respiratory health. Damage to the respiratory system can mean a much-reduced quality of life, and in some cases, the long-term implications can be fatal.

Those who are working with chemicals or in areas where there may be potentially dangerous fumes should be reminded to make sure they have the right PPE for the task. This can be achieved most effectively by ensuring that you have the correct safety messages in all the relevant areas of the workplace, which can include more than just standard wall signs.

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Sending the Right Message

While it is important that all of your Safety Signs feature clear and easily understood messages, this is especially true of those signs that relate to respiratory health. If you are unsure of the type of equipment you need then you should first conduct a thorough health and safety risk assessment.

One of the most popular notices in this range is the ‘Respirators Must Be Worn In This Area’ Sign. This sign features the widely-recognised image of a person wearing breathing apparatus and makes it clear that any worker should seek out protective equipment before proceeding.

You can even keep the message simpler if you prefer. The Respiratory Protection Symbol Sign is a good choice should you wish to have a sign without words and instead just a clear image. The symbol for respiratory protection alone is often all that is needed to remind your team to take extra precautions and has the added bonus of not relying on the employee or visitor being fluent in english.

Our ‘Respirator Protection’ Sign conveys a more concise message and features the same image, even though the message is shorter. This sign is ideal to be placed on the locker or cupboard where the respiratory protection is stored, to inform workers where they can find what they need.

Not Just Wall Signs

The more signs you can put into place to remind people to look after their respiratory health the better. Our range of signs are not only limited to wall fixings only and using our variety of material and fixing options you can ensure all areas of risk are easily noticed.

If there are areas of the workplace where a person should not go without a respirator, consider the ‘Respiratory Protection Required Beyond This Point’ PPE Floor Strips. These also feature the image of a person wearing breathing apparatus and the message is very clear. However, by having signs mounted on the floors as well as the walls, you can significantly increase the likelihood a worker will take notice of the message. Not only this, but floor signs can help you to mark out zones within areas of risk.

Similarly, our our ‘Stop - Respirators Required Beyond This Point’ Anti-Slip Floor Signs offer a more dramatic message. Featuring highly visible wording within the widely-recognised ‘Stop’ symbol, they are effective at making people stop and think about the type of PPE that they need when they enter that part of the workplace.

Materials and Fixings

At Seton, all of our Safety Signs are all made from high quality, durable materials meaning that you can be sure that your signs will last for years to come.

Not only do our materials affect the quality of the product, but also its function. For some business, it is important that people are aware of safety messages even in dark or poorly-lit areas.

Our Nite-Glo photoluminescent signs are a good option here. They can easily be seen in both good and bad light and they can convey the same messages and symbols as any other warning signs.

These signs could also be useful if emergency services have to enter the building outside normal working hours – they may need to search for someone in the dark and a Nite-Glo sign will inform them they should don breathing apparatus.

Our range of Sign Fixings will also help to ensure that your signs will stay in place. We have a host of option that allow your signs to be affixed with ease both indoors and outdoors, as well as on equipment, walls, fences and other areas.

If for any reason you cannot find the Respiratory Protection Signs that meet your needs exactly, why not try out our custom sign service to design your own signs from scratch including any text, symbols or images you desire.