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Emergency Facilities Signs

Being able to speedily locate first aid facilities is essential for avoiding or reducing the impact of injuries. Our comprehensive range of emergency facilities signs makes it easy to find the first aid facilities and treatment that employees and visitors to your premises could need.

The range includes signs suitable for indoor and outdoor use to provide options for different business types, and we can also supply the correct fixings so that your signs remain securely attached.

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Emergency Facility Signs: Buying Guide

In the event of an accident, prompt first aid treatment can significantly reduce the impact of injuries. Providing sufficient emergency facilities is essential, but it is only part of a good emergency treatment procedure. It is also vital that these facilities can be easily located, even by visitors who may not be familiar with the layout of your premises.

Make sure that everyone on your business premises can quickly locate their nearest eye wash emergency facility or emergency safety shower by displaying the appropriate sign. Our range of emergency facilities signs include signs for: eye washing stations; emergency showers; the location of the on-site doctor and even where to find a stretcher.

Because it is important for emergency facilities to be monitored, there are also a number of easily updatable signs to record treatments and equipment used so that supplies can be replenished as soon as possible to ensure that you do not run out. We can even supply the marker pens with which to write on these signs.

Our versatile range of emergency facilities signs offers a number of options in terms of materials. For example, photoluminescent signs ensure that emergency facilities can continue to be easily located at night or in the event of a power failure. These signs essentially glow in the dark once “charged” by a light source.

See our handy material guide for more information on Nite-Glo photoluminescent as well as other signs materials available.

At Seton, we understand that all businesses are unique. We are confident that in our range of emergency facilities signs, you will be likely to find a sign that suits your needs. However, if you cannot find one that exactly suits your requirements, we will be happy to create a custom-made sign to convey the precise information that you require.

For safety reasons, emergency first aid is best administered by trained personnel. Make sure that all the first aiders in your workplace can be easily located by using our emergency facilities signs in conjunction with our first aider signs. We also stock a thorough range of first aid supplies so that your emergency facilities can be kept fully stocked for whenever they are needed.

An occasion when anyone needs emergency facilities is likely to be a worrying time for all concerned, but by providing the clear emergency facilities and other first aid signs needed, you can feel confident that all employees and visitors can quickly receive the treatment they need, often reducing the impact of their injuries.