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Tool Storage

Providing a safe and secure location for tools is essential for the smooth running of a workshop or other premises. Items such as shadow board pegboards are designed to make the management of your tools easy, ensuring they can always be accessed when needed.

As well as making tools simple to locate, tool storage is also necessary for the safety of your workforce and the visitors to your premises. Inadequately stored tools represent a hazard and any accidents that result could mean you are in breach of health and safety rules. Use our tool storage products to keep your tools secure. Our tool storage buying guide explains more about the options available and how they can aid workplace safety and improve efficiency.

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Tool Storage Solutions: Buying Guide

Tools inevitably represent a significant investment for a company so you will want them to be stored properly to prolong their life. Tools that are left lying around are likely to be damaged, stolen or misplaced resulting in potentially costly replacements being necessary. Appropriate storage can prevent this and at Seton we provide a range of tool solutions to keep everything safe. With good tool management, the correct item will always be easily located when needed, safe from accidental damage and less likely to cause injuries.

The amount and type of tools needed varies and can change as a business develops. The range of tool storage at Seton allows for this, meaning you can create a storage system that works best for your premises. This includes peg boards, shadow boards, tool panels and shelves, as well as a range of accessories and fixings. All tool storage options are of a sturdy design which will cope well in industrial environments and allow for the maximum visibility of tools, so they can be easily located when required.

Tool Storage Systems & Workplace Efficiency

Storing tools properly isn’t just important from a safety point of view, it can also make a huge difference to workplace efficiency. The time it takes to find tools that are not put back where they should be or misplaced altogether can add up over time to dramatically affect the output of your workplace. This is particularly important in manufacturing environments. By combining vinyl overlays with a shadow board to show where tools should be kept you can ensure that items are returned exactly as they should be and instantly see when something is missing. For more information and other ways to increase productivity check out our range of innovative workplace efficiency products.

Tool Storage Units for Safety

Poorly stored tools are a hazard that companies must guard against due to the risk of injury to employees. Accident prevention is an obligation covered by several UK and EU health and safety laws. Understanding the different laws can be tricky and often results in considerable confusion. By shopping for tool storage at Seton, you can take much of the uncertainty out of having the correct items for your workplace.

Good tool management is key to the smooth running of many businesses from vast industrial sites to small workshops. Effective tool storage is an integral part of your tool management system and by using the products in the range at Seton you can create a system that works for your premises with tools less likely to go missing or suffer damage. An investment in effective tool storage is well worth making and will make your premises a safer more efficient place to work.