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Face Shields

Protecting the delicate face area from the hazards involved in the chemical, industrial and construction sectors is a necessity. As well as the skin, the eyes, nose and mouth can be particularly vulnerable when working in such industries. A face shield is a key item of personal protective equipment that will provide effective protection to the facial area.

Taking effective steps to reduce the risk of injury to employees or visitors entering a hazardous environment is a legal requirement, but with our face shield guide, it is easy to find everything you need to keep everyone on your site safe.

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Importance of Protective Face Shields

Flying particles and chemical splashes are just two of the hazards workers in chemical, industrial and construction industries may have to face. Provide protection against chemical burns, cuts and abrasions, eye injuries and many other accidents by supplying everyone in these areas with a well-made face shield. There are a number of options in the range at Seton to enable you to choose the correct version to suit your site.

Choosing a Safety Face Shield

Our range of face shields are made from different materials. Choose acetate shields such as the Honeywell Bionic Acetate version to provide effective protection from chemical splashes, while polycarbonate will protect against impacts. It needs to be robust to protect against injuries, it also needs to enable the worker to efficiently carry out their task. The face shields in the range at Seton are clear so as not to impede the vision of the operator, and some have added anti-fog properties to further improve visibility.

When working in challenging environments, protective equipment comes in for a testing time. The face shields at Seton are designed to be durable and should provide a lengthy period of protection. However, when used in robust environments for a considerable time, damage is inevitable, but this may not mean replacing the entire guard is necessary. Purchasing replacement face shields will prolong the life of your face guards.

There may be occasions when a face shield is needed at a time when it is also necessary to protect the entire head. Our range includes options such as the JSP Helmet Guard that can be attached to hard hats for the protection of the entire head area.

Face shields will provide effective protection against chemical spills and flying particles. When coming into contact with chemicals, you can increase protection by using the face shields in conjunction with other items in our chemical resistant clothing range. If flying particles are caused by the use of noisy tools or machinery, you may need to provide further protection to the ears, and at Seton, you will find a comprehensive range of hearing protection.

Those working in industrial and chemical environments are used to the hazards and are keen to get on with the task. By providing effective protective gear, including face shields, you enable all on your site to concentrate on their work, confident that their safety has been well taken care of.