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Non Slip Matting

If you require a product to reduce slip and fall hazards in the workplace you should consider non-slip matting, a simple aftermarket solution for areas where floor surfacing is lacking in grip. Our range of non-slip floor matting provides options for all kinds of work and public access areas to ensure walking surfaces are safe for employees, clients and visitors, and that your premises are compliant with the relevant health and safety regulations. Choose from a selection of interior and exterior non-slip matting choices to help improve your workplace and public area safety.

See our buying guide to look at more information on non slip matting.

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Anti-Slip Floor Mats: Buying Guide

Slip hazards in the workplace and public access areas can be a concern for employers and building owners, but areas of low traction can be easily fixed with the addition of non-slip matting.

Non-slip matting is a simple aftermarket solution to floor surfaces that prove to be problematic, and is easily sized and fitted to suit any size of a problem area.

Our range of non-slip flooring solutions includes a selection of non-slip matting products that are suitable for interior and exterior use. Choose from a range of fixed and flexible non-slip matting products designed for use in a variety of environments.

We offer a range of easy-to-lay anti-slip matting that can be easily added to any floor area where slips and falls may be an issue. We provide anti-slip matting that is 100% recycled, which gives a hardwearing surface superior grip capabilities, or opt for one of our self-adhesive, anti-slip floor matting products.

For heavy use areas, we offer safety matting with a super-grip mineral surface that is designed to perform well in areas where conditions may be wet or even oily, while for steps and stairs we can provide you with high visibility anti-slip treads to reduce the risk of slips and falls in these potentially hazardous areas.

For leisure environments, including swimming pools, changing rooms and showers, our resilient vinyl leisure mats provide the perfect anti-slip solution, while remaining comfortable to walk on in bare feet, improving safety with no adverse impact on the user experience.

For high traffic areas, you might wish to consider one of our anti-slip spill mats, which combine an anti-slip surface with an impermeable backing to prevent liquids and oils reaching the floor, and effectively stop the spread of spills, helping to reduce slip risks on neighbouring non-matted areas.

Our K-Mat products are designed for use in kitchen areas, and combine a safe solution to increase traction, while the specially designed cushioned surface works to reduce standing fatigue for kitchen workers. Added anti-microbial properties help to stop the growth of bacteria and maintain hygiene standards. We also offer Mighty Mat products that can be strategically placed in a kitchen environment where leaks and spills might be expected; these mats combine a slip-resistant surface with tapered, anti-trip edges and integral drainage.

We also have a range of extremely hard-wearing, heavy-duty, anti-slip worksafe mats that are designed with a grease and oil-resistant upper and a floor gripping underside, with a surface texture that helps to reduce standing fatigue in workers at the same time as reducing slip risks in the workplace.

Our range also includes a selection of rubber safety matting and plastic safety matting, designed for use in a range of work areas.