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Anti Slip Tapes

Need help? Need help? where should anti-slip tapes be placed? UK’s Best Anti-Slip Tapes - Lasting-Grip You Can Trust

Protect your workplace from dangerous trips, slips and falls with our full range of anti-slip tapes, cleats, plates and sheets. Regardless of the workplace, trips and falls can be very dangerous, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that floors are kept in good condition and any slip or trip risks are assessed and addressed. We have a full range of anti-slip tapes, cleat, plates and more to help you minimise slips and falls in every workplace from office staircases to construction walkways to industrial equipment.

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Anti-Slip Tapes Buying Guide

Minimise workplace trips and slips with our full range of anti-slip products. Whether you need anti-slip tape for stairs, gritted plates for industrial gangways or durable cleats for industrial machinery, we have a full range of anti-slip materials and safety equipment.

Slips and trips in the workplace

The HSE has a number of guidelines on the responsibilities of employers to maintain flooring safety in the workplace. According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, it is your responsibility as an employer to ensure the safety of employees and visitors to the workplace, and this includes ensuring that the flooring is safe and that slip-prone areas are well-marked.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require employers to assess and address risks in a workplace and to maintain floors in a suitable, good condition. To learn more about the legal requirements in the UK for maintaining safe floors, you can refer to the HSE’s pamphlet Preventing slips and trips at work.

When deciding on how to best place anti-slip tape for stairs and other areas in a worksite, you can refer to the HSE’s guidelines on assessing the slip resistance of flooring and also use the Slips and trips hazard spotting checklist during your risk assessment.

Choosing the right anti-slip tape and material

Depending on the specific needs of your worksite, you may need more than just anti-slip grip tape – we have a full range of anti-slip tapes, cleats, flooring files, sheets, treads, discs and more so that you can find all of the materials you need to make your workplace safe. Listed below are a number of the anti-slip materials and products we offer in our full anti-slip range.

Anti-slip tapes

Anti-slip tapes are an easy and cost-effective way to prevent slips in the workplace. These versatile tapes, such as our Bright Coloured Anti-Slip Tape, are the ideal anti-slip tape for outdoor use and can be easily applied to surfaces – just cut the tape to the required length, peel off the backing and apply to smooth, clean and dry surfaces. Anti-slip tapes are extremely durable and can be used on walkways, buses, industrial equipment, vehicles, maintenance areas and much more.

To increase safety, our anti-slip tape black and yellow hazard tape rolls are brightly coloured to ensure that they are highly visible and attract attention. Conversely, if you would like to prevent slips and trips but do not want to cover up your floor or use high vis tapes, we also offer an anti-slip tape clear. Our Clear Anti-Slip Tape is perfect for providing discrete, transparent protection.

Anti-slip cleats

Anti-slip cleats are gritted, durable and provide a visual warning for surfaces. Our Setonwalk Anti-Slip Cleats are high traction and can be easily applied in both indoor and outdoor environments. We also offer long-lasting Mop-Friendly Anti-Slip Cleats for areas that experience high traffic and are often cleaned. For industrial vehicles, equipment and zones, we offer the Heavy-Duty Coarse Anti-Slip Surfacing Cleats, which are made to withstand the extreme pressures of heavy-duty manufacturing environments.

Anti-slip plates

We have both standard and aluminium anti-slip plates, which can be easily affixed to stairs or any other surface that poses a slip and fall risk. Our standard anti-slip plates come in a range of eye-catching colours, are extremely durable and are resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, water, oil, solvents, chemicals and UV damage. Seton’s Aluminium Anti-Slip Plates are ideal for steps, stairways, industrial gangways, service backs and stacking areas and can be easily and quickly installed.

Additional anti-slip materials

We have a full range of anti-slip materials in addition to tapes, cleats and plates. Our anti-slip materials include SlipGrip Heavy Duty Flat Sheet Flooring, RungGrip Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers, Anti-Slip Stair Covers and decking sheets, among others. No matter the particular safety requirements of your worksite, we have the anti-slip materials you need.