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Need help? Need help? What types of lockers can you buy? There is an extensive selection of lockers from which to choose to provide well-ventilated, lockable storage. Designed with a range of hanging space and shelving options, these lockers will suit the needs of widely diverse businesses. You will be able to find a locker for use in places such as a school, office, factory or a gym changing room. We supply, among others, mini-towers of post box lockers, banks of personal effects lockers, cube-shaped lockers and purpose-built school lockers. Built out of mesh, steel or plastic, these lockers are provided with differing locking solutions to secure equipment and personal effects.

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Workplace Lockers: Buying Guide

Lockers are available full size or in smaller heights, and the length may be cut up into one full door or multi-door options, depending on the size of the compartment needed. There is also a low-level locker with the shelf at the bottom to store items within the reach of personnel who are, for example, in a wheelchair. Small or cube lockers may be stacked or nested side by side or back to back to customise the layout of the space. As well as personal lockers, there are many other types of lockable storage cupboards for other places in your building.

You can order the tall locker style with one or with multiple compartments. The more separate compartments are fitted into the height, the smaller the door will be, and the more people are accommodated. In the single door option, there are varying combinations of hanging space and shelving to keep personal items neat and tidy. The clean & dirty lockers do just that, providing a separate compartment for soiled or wet items, while the garment service lockers will be extremely useful, with a separate top-shelf door for laundry, which has no access to the lower personal section.

Large-volume lockers may be installed, which are wider than standard, in case there are bulky storage items, but if space is at a premium, twin lockers and the innovative duo lockers use half the width per person. These are lockable using a cam lock and keys, and for some types of locker, you can order your preferred locking mechanism. The economy locker, for instance, boasts a choice of cam lock, coin lock, combination lock or hasp and staple. The hasp and staple is also available on the zinc mesh locker. It is best to keep important documents and valuables in a central safe, rather than in a locker that is in an out-of-the-way area. However, the fully riveted and welded structure of the metal lockers serves to make them strong and secure. The epoxy coating on the steel is anti-bacterial, which is highly desirable in a locker room. They come ready-drilled for nesting side by side or back to back.

There are many criteria to keep in mind when considering locker doors. While all lockers are designed for good ventilation, your requirement may be a perforated door for extra ventilation, or – to deter pilfering – a vision panel locker that is secure, yet visible. A lacquered zinc mesh locker is ideal for airing damp PPE items. The school locker doors are specifically reinforced for durability. Plastic lockers may be lightweight, but they are robust, rustproof and hardwearing, and are suitable even for outdoor use. In an industrial locker setting, you may want to put up locker signs, reminding staff of the very important PPE safety protocols.

To keep a locker area neat, the cleverly designed sloping tops will prevent clutter and dust from building up. This feature can be included when placing the order. Another feature that you need to consider before ordering is a stand. This keeps the locker off the floor. Its counterpart, the slightly higher seat-stand, may be a useful component, especially if you do not have room for other locker furniture.